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At school nearly all of my friends and nearly all of the girls in my class have a Sportsgirl bag. Sportsgirl bags are pretty popular in our school and there are so many girls of all ages who have them.

What I like about them the most is that there are so man burberry y dif burberry ferent colours and pattern on them. I have 2 Sportsgirl bags and my very first one I got was a black one because my mum said I had to get a black one for school but then the handles on my black one broke so I got another one my current one is a coral sort of colour and white and it looks kind of like tye dye.

Bonnie has a blue one with yellow and white daisies on it, Lily have a yellow one, Jacinda has a Red one, Darcy has a Red, yellow, green and blue stripy one (I cal burberry l it the Stripy twister bag because it reminds me of the game twister) , Edina has a Purple one, Alex has a red spotty one, Ke burberry isha has a Charcoal one, Gabi has a colourful patterned one and Meg also has a charcoal one!