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Awesome Christmas Gift For Your Daughter

Awesome Christmas Gift For Your Daughter: College Girl Safety Kit!

A College Girl Safety Kit is a fabulous gift, for any occasion, to give to your daughter. This is a gift that will certainly help keep your daughter safe, and will give her some peace of mind, while also providing you with peace of mind!

These days it’s a sad fact, but there’s crime happening just about everywhere. If your daughter has a self defense pepper spray in her pocket, purse, or book bag, at least she will have “something” with which to protect herself, just in case anything weird happens.

Even on a safe college campus, located in a safe city or town, they can still sometimes have a freakish event take place. After all, a couple of thugs, can always drive across town, and enter the college campus. In addition to a key chain pepper spr burberry burberry ay, your daughter will also have another pepper spray on burberry a visor clip to put inside of her car, if she has one, and she’ll have a larger pepper spray that can be kept in her book bag. There is also a pepper spray that is cleverly disguised as a lipstick.

Your daughter will also have a door stop alarm, which can be wedged under the closed door in her room, when she and her roommate ar burberry e ready to retire for the night. If “someone” manages to unlock the dorm room door from the outside, and they attempt to push the door open, this door stop alarm will actually “sound off” as it also prevents the door from opening. This is another brilliant safety device!

An electronic pocket whistle is another great safety device for your daughter to carry with her, and you never know when she might need the whistle to “call for help.” It doesn’t have to be used for an “attack” situation. A gal could be walking, not notice some construction or repairs on a sidewalk, and accidentally get her foot caught in a piece of fencing or some wet cement, and she can use the handy electronic whistle to call for help.

You can order a College Girl Safety Kit Self Defense Package as a Christmas gift for your daughter, and it will be money well spent! We all hope that she never needs to use any of these items, but it is better for her to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.