burberry bags sale Back to School Gifts for Child

Back to School Gifts for Children

Whether it’s your youngster’s first day kindergarten, or he/she is returning, small back to school gifts can make a child feel very special and (perhaps) help ease the transition. Back to school gifts are also great from grandparents and aunts/uncles. Here are 10 fabulous ideas to select from.

Back to School Gift Idea 1: Alarm Clock An Alarm Clock is a very practical gift for new students. It mi burberry bags sale ght help a child feel a little more mature and shows some responsibility. There are a variety of unique clocks you can purchase over the internet. One site to check out is Alarm Clocks Online where you can buy cute alarm clocks with animal themes. You might also just google “kids alarm clock”, “children’s alarm clock” or search on eBay. Perhaps, try to find a clock that is themed after a favorite cartoon character or animal. An Alarm clock is a very thoughtful present!

This is a gift that your child will be able to use for a long time. A personalized backpack will make your child feel special. There are numerous websites online where you can purchase personalized backpacks and book bags. Google “kids personalized backpack” to find online stores. You might also search on eBay and Etsy. It’s a very useful gift.

Back to School Gift Idea 3: Stylish or Personalized Lunch Box

If your youngster will be bringing a lunch to school, this is a a great gift. You can buy kid’s lunch boxes in just about any theme or cartoon character. Select a lunch box or pail with a theme that your child enjoys, or perhaps purchase a personalized one. You can find them at stores such as Wal Mart and Target. There are also several websites that would be happy to take your order.

Back to School Gift Idea 4: Stickers

Stickers are a fun gift that your child will like to use to decorate his/her notebooks and other belongings. You can buy puffy stickers, scratch ‘n sniff stickers, glow in the dark ones, and more. Personalized stickers are also an excellent gift. Your child will enjoy giving his/her school supplies a personal touch.

Back to School Gift Idea 5: Desk for Homework

This is definitely a top notch gift. To help encourage your child to do his/her homework, a comfortable and fun place to work is a good idea. Search online for “kids desk” or “children’s desk” for one that you think might suit your child. You might also look at stores such as Toys ‘r Us and craft malls.

Back to School Gift Idea 6: Personalized Pencils

Pencils are a necessity, and having them personalized is a nice touch. This may also help prevent your child having pencils taken by other children, or they might be easier to track down. There are numerous online stores to try. One is Miles Kimball. Personalized pencils are the perfect back to school gift.

Back to School Gift Idea 7: Personalized Pencil Bag/ Case

To help carry pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers and more, a personalized pencil bag or case is a great idea. There are several stores online that sell them just google “personalized pencil case”. One site to try is Personalization Mall.

Back to School Gift Idea 8: Dinner the Night Before

A nice dinner the night before (or a few days before) would be a fun and memorable gift. Perhaps let your child choose the restaurant. If you go the night before, be sure to plan it at decent time he/she needs to get to bed early to be well rested for his/her first day of school!

Back to School Gift Idea 9: Learning Lunch Bags

If it’s easier for your child to bring his/her lunch in a paper bag, learning lunch bags would be a wonderful gift. They are brown lunch bags that offer questions and answers in a variety of subjects for added enrichment. This is a great gift idea from the grandparents too! For more information and to order, visit the Learning Lunch Bags web site right here.

Back to School Gift Idea 10: Fun Erasers

Fun and creative erasers make excellent gifts. You can get them designed in many themes, shapes and sizes. For example, if you look in on this web site right here, you will see you can order erasers shaped like rocket ships, hot dogs, popsicles, cell phones, animals, motorcycles, crayons, sports balls, and much more. Google “kid erasers” or “novelty erasers” for more information. You can also find fun erasers at any store that sells school supples.

Back to School Gift Idea 11: Personalized Frame

There are many personalized school themed frames you can purchase. This is great for children of all ages, but especially those entering kindergarten. Google “personalized school frames” to find one for your lit burberry bags sale tle one.

Back to School Gift Idea 12: New Shoes or a New Outfit

A brand new pair of shoes, or a stylish outfit, (or both) is a great gift that all students need. This is really better for girls, but of course boys love new shoes too. Let him/her pick out the outfit and/or shoes. Perhaps set a “date” a few weeks before the big day to pick out something special.

Back to School Gift Idea 13: Personalized Cereal Bowl

This is a wonderful surprise for their back to school breakfast. A personalized and decorated cereal bowl is a creative gift. One good web site to check out is this one. It will be a great item to use for years to come.

Back to School Gift Idea 14: New Bedding Set

A new bedding set isn’t really school related, but it’s still a nice gift. And, it might help them feel more comfortable to get a good night’s sleep. Perhaps choose one that is of their child’s favorite charact burbe burberry bags sale rry bags sale er or animal. Check out stores such as JcPenney’s, Sears, Target, or search online.