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Back to School Lunch Bags for Boys

Finding Nemo Lunch bag

This is a cool back to school burberry bags sale item for boys who enjoy animated movies. It is inspired by Disney’s Finding Nemo movie. I recommend this item because it is colorful, easy to clean and very inexpensive. The Finding Nemo Lunch bag is insulated and includes a carry handle. It also features an elastic Velcro strap on the inside. This strap can be used to secure a juice or water bottle for lunch. The Finding Nemo Lunch bag is available online for $11.99, which is affordable for parents on a budget. NASCAR Lunch Bag

Here is the king of all lunch bags for boys. You cannot get any better than NASCAR when choosing this back to school item. It features a yellow carry handle and has room burberry bags sale to hold a full lunch in place. The NASCAR Lunch Bag has an image of a race car at the finish line on the front. Thousands of race car fans are shown in the background. The NASCAR logo is located above the car. This lunch bag is available online and priced at $9.99.

Yu Gi Oh “Time to Duel” Lunch Bag

This is a good lunch bag for boys who are fans of the Yu Gi Oh TV show and its characters. It is black and red on one side. The front side features a large image of Yu Gi Oh standing next to sharp graphics that read “It’s Time to Duel”. The Yu Gi Oh title logo is located on the opposite end. This logo is colored in red. There is an additional pocket on the side, which can accommodate a fruit snack.

The Yu Gi Oh “Time to Duel” Lunch Bag is made of canvas material on the outside. The interior is insulated to protect your child’s lunch. This back to school item also comes with a bonus water bottle. It is priced at $14.95 and can be found online. I recommend this item because of its appeal and bonus features.

Disney “Cars” Racecar Lung Bag

Boys will love this back to school item due to its exciting layout. The Disney “Cars” Racecar Lung Bag is insulated and made of canvas material. Instead of a carry handle, this lunch bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can provide your child with the ability to carry more school supplies or an umbrella. This lunch bag also burberry bags sale has a side mesh pocket that holds one bonus water bottle. The Disney Cars movie logo is featured on the front under “Lightning McQueen”. The Racecar Lung Bag also has headlights near the bottom, creating much excitement for going back to school. This item is available online and priced at $14.95.

I recommend this back to school item because of its great features, popularity and graphic layout. The Spider man 3 Lunch Bag has a carry handle and two compartments. Both compartments have zipper closure. You can use the compartments to separate different lunch items or place napkins in the bottom section. The upper compartment features Marvel Enterprise’s Spiderman character. The Spider man 3 movie logo is located on the bottom front compartment. This lunch bag has a mixture of red and blue colors. Faint spider webs are also included in the design. This back to school lunch bag can be found online and purchased for $9.99.

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