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Backpack Bag Tutorial

I hope you have fun using my tutorials, if you do we soooo love to see pics of your baggy handiwork in the new “Bags purses made from U Handblog tutorials Flickr group. I be checking it out regular!

I have always wanted to make a the right size backpack bag because as a city dweller it good to have a nifty bag that will securely hold the essentials, but will leave your arms free so you can more easily fend off the maddening crowds carry your bags of shopping. I want to point out that this bag is not entirely my own design. I have had some help in the shape of this Japanese tutorial. I have done is to add a mag snap and a drawstring closure (there were burberry bags sale no instructions for a closure on the Japanese tute?) Anyhoo, I pretty chuffed with my burberry bags sale first backpack especially as my Japanese is worse than my Chinese and the end result is indeed the right size It also a good size for little ones too.

This bag is not the easiest ever bag to make, but then it not very hard either. There just a fair few steps. I hope you think that they are worth it; I know I do. I do love this bag. FYI I got the oilcloth from a Dept. store called John Lewis in London. UPDATE I have just found a UK site that sells loads of nice oilcloth fabrics.

When sewing with oilcloth you make your life much easier if you get your hands on a jeans needle and a Teflon coated machine foot (non stick foot) and they look like this.

I haven used oilcloth for the straps because burberry bags sale it too sticky for strap sliders. The adjustable straps use thisThe bag is compact, but it will hold your essentials and a brolly because summer isn summer without torrential rain, thunder, gales, plagues of locusts.

In this project you

will pick up/apply these bag making skills

Sew with oilcloth durable, waterproof, and pretty

Sew a drawstring

casing in the bag lining

Sew a

flat base into a bag so stuff doesn’t roll around in the bag

Sew a

adjustable fabric strap with D rings and a slider

Grab handle = one of 24cm x 10cm from lining and one of 24cm x 5cm from HSI

Strap loops = two of 20cm x 10cm from lining and two of 20cm x 5cm from HSI

Casing = one of 51cm x 5cm from lining and also from HSI

Straps = two of 80 90cm x 10cm fro burberry bags sale m lining and two of 80 90cm cm x 5cm from HSI (depends how tall you are, make them too long and trim if neccess.)

6. Make up the grab handle, straps, and loops make up all of the straps as shown in this tutorial (step 3) except this time we are substituting the double sided fleece for HSI and you do no not have to fold down the raw edge ends when making the straps with the exception of one of the ends of the long straps fold down one of the raw ends of the long bag straps as in the strap tute.