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I was using one of Freitag’s F12 messenger bags throughout university and years on the job to carry around books, a laptop and other stuff (and still am today).

They are made from truck tarp and seat belts, so they are waterproof and extremely robust. Also each model is unique and you can even cut and design your own if you want to.

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Chrome messenger bags, specifically the Mini metro or Citizen. Waterproof, strong, stylish. I use my Citizen for everything from commuting to biking around to my “big” carryon for trips.

Get an insert if you want to put a laptop in there.

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May not be what you’re looking to hear, but I would NOT try to make the next purchase The One. Rather, I’d use it as a tranisitional item, where you learn all the nuances and subtleties of exactly what you want in such a bag as you continue to get smart about what’s available. Give yourself up to one year (?) for these forces to converge, and if nothing knocked your socks off by that time, just go with the front runner at that time.

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ID or SuperEgo by Tom Bihn. Review here.

Those are two of manufacturers that I think might have a big which burberry bags sale fits your criteria. Otherwise, you might want to check these previous threads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.