burberry bags sale Backpack or Bag for carrying D

Backpack or Bag for carrying Desktop PC

alright, i didn’t necessarily find what i was looking for, but i have an burberry bags sale idea. i was looking around the ‘ole intarweb, and found some inspiration:

you could probably rig up something like this or this. something with straps so you can just sling it over your back. i’m not saying “buy one of these!” because they’re overpriced for what you get IMO, and you can probably make something just as good yourself.

well, if you were to make something like that, that would take care of the actual computer itself. its not really padded, but i don’t think that if you were careful it would be a problem. however, y burberry bags sale our monitor does present a problem. what other kinds of luggage do you commute with?

well i don’t really think that suggesting (s)he takes apart and reassembles the computer in question is a solution at all. thats a lot of work, and the OP is just looking for a simple way to safely and kinda covertly transport the computer in question.

i don’t really think that you’ll be able to hide what it is, however you do it. people will be able to guess that its a computer. if you do like those strap things that have been linked to, then perhaps you could wrap your computer in a blanket or cover it somehow, and then harness it in? maybe that would draw less attention. and then i still have NO idea what to do with your monitor. i can see myself burberry bags sale throwing it in my backpack with other things, thinking i’ll be careful enough and it’ll survive, and burberry bags sale then getting home and having a busted monitor . so don’t do that.