burberry bags sale backpack or bag to take on a 3

backpack or bag to take on a 3 month europe trip

You don wanna be one of theose idiots who drag bloody great over sized suitcases everywhere you go.

In fact even a large backpack isn that necessary. I travelled through Europe and the States with just a day pack, with a few T Shirts, socks and stuff, bought other things along the way, and washed everything at places I stopped. It was a breeze. No waiting at airports for your stuff to come out, no trolleys or sitting down on the pavement guarding all you stuff while you figured our what you were doing, burberry bags sale just sling it on and go! Usually you try to pack much more than you ever need into a large bag or pack. You be surprised at just how little you can really take on long trips.

I also did India the s burberry bags sale ame way! Suitcases are a relic of the past as far as I concerned. They too big, cumbersome, prone to being broken into at airports and they look stupid! :)

Depending where/how you are travelling. For the hotel and car experience, luggage on wheels is easy. If you are staying in hostels and doing a lot of walking then definately a backpack.

If taking a backpack, I would definately suggest a backpack with a zip going right the way around, not one that just opens from the top. Guaranteed with the latter, the one thing you really want will be stuck on the bottom!

I would also suggest that less is more. You dont want to be lugging around a lot of stuff, its such a hassle. Go for versatile items that can be used in different ways and with clothing use layering for warmth. burberry bags sale Items that serve more than o burberry bags sale ne purpose are best.