burberry bags sale Backpack policies at sporting

Backpack policies at sporting events

A glance at backpack policies in place for various sports leagues across the globe:All England Club, Wimbledon Bans backpacks larger than 16x16x12 inches.English Football Associati burberry bags sale on Bans “large” backpacks; no specific measurements.FIFA Bans unwieldy’ objects from stadiums, burberry bags sale which includes backpacks larger than 10x10x10 inches.Manchester United “Not advisable” to bring bags into stadium but all bags will be checked.MLB Policies vary from team to team. San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Sox are scanning bags with a metal detecting wand. Most teams allow small backpacks.NBA Varies by arena. Some teams Golden burberry bags sale State, for instance prohibit backpacks. Others allow small bags.NCAA Varies from school to school. Examples: University of Texas prohibits bags larger than 9x9x15; University of Florida bans all backpacks.NFL Policies vary from team to team, with most teams allowing small backpacks in stadiums. The league enacted enhanced security guidelines for fans attending the draft this week; backpacks were prohibited.NHL Also varie burberry bags sale s by arena. Some teams, for instance the New York Islanders, don’t allow backpacks. Others, like the Detroit Red Wings, ban oversized’ bags and search all bags that are allowed in.