burberry bags sale Backpack Tickets at Bear Hole

Backpack Tickets at Bear Hole Reservoir

Bear Hole Reservoir Hike/Snowshoe Event.

Jim Helems will be leading.

Weather and Cancellation Policy: Should we need to cancel the trip, we will do so by 7am on Sunday morning. Jim will notify everyone by e mail. Possible reasons to cancel would be heavy rain or major snow storm.

Trip Meeting Time and Place: Time: Meet at 12:30 pm, Saturday, April 19 th, 2014 Trail head: We will be me burberry bags sale eting at the parking lot at the end of the Bear Hole Road

Please call Jim if you are going to be late. Please be on Show more time as we will be starting the trail head talk at 8:00am and departing from the trail head upon completion of talk. Unfortunately, if you are running late, we will leave without you so please be sure to plan your departure time from home accordingly.

Trip and Trail Details: Bear Hole Reservior The trails vary but most are wide and flat, but there are some narrow areas and steep drop offs down to a stream. But no one shuld have any problems. Depending on the trails hiking distance will be between 3.8 5 miles.

The dogs will have fun playing in the water.

Dog Rules

All dogs must be leashed at the trail head

Never allow your dog to meet another dog or persons without permission for the handler

If you have children, explain they should never pet/play or tease any other dog

If you allow your dog off leash you must:

o Leash your dog near roads

o Leash your dog if we meet any person, other dogs or wildlife

o Leash your dog if we stop for any breaks

Clean up after your dog and carry it outFrom rt 20 take Dewey Street about 1.5 miles. Take a left on Bearl Hole Road and drive to the end (gated road). There is a fair amount of burberry bags sale parking space, but we recommend car pooling when possible.

AMC / Adventure Dogs USA Acknowledgment and Assumptions of Risks and Release Agreement: In order to participate in this activity, you must sign the Acknowledgment and Ass burberry bags sale umptions of Risks and Release Agreement.

You may also wish to pack raingear (jacket/pants), an extra shirt layer for the summit, warm hat and gloves sunscreen, bug repellant.

Bring trail snacks and trail lunch.

All dog gear, minimum: 6′ leash, water bowl, 3 poop bags, extra collar and treats

A backpac burberry bags sale k for the human or dog is very handy to carry out any trash/poop bags

Dress for the weather and have snow shoes

Recommended gear: cap or sun visor with brim, personal first aid, short gaiters. A set of clean dry clothes left in the car to change into after the hike.