burberry bags sale Backpack Top 5from left to

Backpack Top 5

from left to right: Etsy, DrMartens, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Shackleton Bags

First of all, thank you for the birthday wishes! Second of all, hop burberry bags sale e you having a great Easter break, making good use of prolonged hang over recovery time. I been very busy this week working on little side projects (which will all be revealed in due time) so apologies for the distance!

Today I decided to featureThe Backpack. A bag that has been flooding the market recently (and I literally mean flooding, I seen dozens and dozens of the same variant) and rightly so it the hipster go to bag. I personally am not a fan of poor quality bags; they have to be practical as well as look good and durable. There are far too many bags that are trying to do the trend thing, and ultimately have no decent shelf life or are poorlyergonomicallydesigned. Hence above I have chosen five of my favourite bags currently on the market, which I buy in a heartbeat! (Damn Zara one just sold out. Raiding Oxford Circus today to find some stragglers.)

The reason burberry bags sale why I chosen the leather backpack is because good quality leather is always going to last long. I love canvas material, but leather bags have one noticeable advantage: they can be worn both smart AND casual. You might think wearing a leather backpack with a suit would look pretty stupid, and yes it would probably be a bit silly in a three piece to be wearing a backpack. But it CAN match the smart look, and with the way sartorialism seems to be going, it isn all about how smart the suit looks, it is definitely about how it is worn. Black and brown are the staple colours, but navy and red leathers can look very supple and smooth.

The Urban Outfitters bag I chosen for practicality, I really like the nylon material which makes the bag stand out from all the canvas knock burberry bags sale offs. The blue is a nice shade but it does come in black and olive green as well. The best part about it is is that it large, and rests nicely on the shoulders. I burberry bags sale think it a good balance of looking good but also being practical.

Those curious, the backpack and the rucksack are very similar. By definition the backpack is said to be a day to day bag, where as the rucksack is made for hiking and longer trips. These days however they are often synonymous, so I wouldn be worried about which one you end up googling.

Hope you enjoy the first bag feature of many, I be doing a few in the upcoming weeks! Remember now, don buy any bags that sell for 20 but might look cool Invest, they aren just fashion statements.