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Backpack versus suitcase

A decent hybrid bag is fine. Some of t burberry bags sale he problems you mentioned would happen with a cheap suitcase as well. I travelled for 7 months with a Macpac 60L hybrid wheeled pack that was wonderful and sturdy. I don’t think I ever used it as a backpack, but it had other benefits because of its design. Sure, it got a bit small as I accumulated more clothes and souvenirs, especially as it didn’t expand at all, but I was grateful that I hadn’t been lugging a huge suitcase around the whole time (I’ve done that as well before. NOT fun). I became brilliant at stuffing things in tightly, and I eventually posted some items back home (and discarded some along the way) to make more space. If you get a suitcase then try get one that will be easy to transport (if wheeled, make sure the whe burberry bags sale els won’t break off the moment you hit a cobblestone), not too big (but perhaps expandable) with very sturdy handles. Through America and Europe you generally can manage with a suitcase, but if travelling by train you need to be abl burberry bags sale e to get it on and off the train quickly. You also need to be able to haul it up the many steep and narrow flights of stairs you will encounter in Europe. That’s why the macpac bag was good, as it was narrower than a regular suitcase and had super sturdy handles on the side for carrying.

Personally I wouldn’t go for a normal pack (without wheels), as I don’t want to exhaust myself by carrying a heavy pack at all times. I find wheeling much eas burberry bags sale ier. BUT this is personal preference.

With Amtrak you can sometimes check your luggage in. It goes in a luggage car and they unload it for you at your final destination, which is much easier than doing it yourself and feels safer than having to keep an eye on it at all times