burberry bags sale Backpack vs Panniers for lapto

Backpack vs Panniers for laptop

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I commute and lug a 15″ MacBook Pro a burberry bags sale round every day. I also carry a change of cloths, lunch/snacks, other misc nerd things and rain gear if I think it might be gross out.

My biggest concern with a laptop in panniers is the vibrations. The idea of the laptop getting jolted around that much bothers me. The first and last time I ever did put my laptop in a panier bag the bag fell off and slid through an intersection (my fault. I always bungee the panier now).

I come to love a Chrome Messenger bag and no longer use the pannier bag at all. Even in the summer with the sweaty back I prefer the shoulder bag over the pannier. I bring a change of clothes anyway so what do I care about the sweat. It fits everything I need to carry and is very comfortable. (The key to comfort is packing it properly. Always pack it flat with the heavy items to the “bottom” when it on your back.)

I also noticed a hug burberry bags sale e difference with “drag”. You will notice the weight of the pannier bag behind you more then you will the bag on your back.

I still keep the panier for other circumstanc burberry bags sale es but for every day commuting I love the messenger bag.