burberry bags sale Backpackers faces legal action

Backpackers faces legal action

Geoff Potter

Noosa Backpackers Resort at Noosaville was built 28 years ago when it was surrounded by fibro shacks used by those needing a place to put their surfboards.

In a strange twist of fortune, after almost three decades of watching young nomads park their backpacks at his front door, owner Tony Blackmore will be forced to pack his bags.

Wedged between the wrath of nearby residents, a breach of planning laws and the sharp end of the Coast council litigation, the resort and cafe will shut down and new premises built in Mary Street.

A decade ago, Mr Blackmore saw land being snapped up by developers and did not want to risk his resort being dwarfed by giant concrete unit blocks.

He bought adjacent blocks, both with accommodation on them, and allowed up to three couples to rent out a three bedroom house.

However, planning rules stipulate there must be a buffer zone between a backpackers accommodation and residents, and burberry bags sale his use of the house violates this.

Mr Blackmore said that for 10 years it was no secret and there was no issue until a neighbour decided she wanted him gone.

May, burberry bags sale 2009, a neighbour wanted me to bitumen or concrete my gravel driveway because it was too noisy when guests wheeled out their kayaks during the day, he said.

said no, because it was only ever two or three times a day.

after she went to Liquor Licensing and accused us of noise issues.

resolved that complaint by employing mobile security guards to patrol the area.

she started t burberry bags sale he ball rolling with council because she realised people weren allowed to stay in that house beside us.

Sunshine Coast council told Mr Blackmore not to rent out the rooms in dispute, but he said the business could not survive without them.

Now the council has launched legal action, with him facing a fine of up to $165,000.

guess I was naive about the planning, but you put your head up and the costs council impose will probably kill you anyway, he said.

In the two years he expects it to take to rebuild a resort on a new site in Mary Street, he said Noosa tourism industry was sure to suffer.

sell about 30,000 bed nights a year, which is 600 bed nights a week, he said.

bring about $6 million to the local economy and our guests have an average day spend of about $75.

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