burberry bags sale Backpacking Gourmet Cooking

Backpacking Gourmet Cooking

Love to backpack but sick burberry bags sale of the same dehydrated, just add water food? You no longer need to be doome burberry bags sale d to boring backpacking food. Just because you take to the trail, doesn’t mean you should leave your taste buds at home. Gourmet backpacking cooking is easier than it sounds and can make meals on the trail just as exciting as cooking at home. When planning your next backpacking trip, leave the dehydrated bags of food at home and follow these simple tips.

Planning ahead and premixing all your meals and their ingredients, spices, etc., will make cooking easier and your pack lighter. Don’t settle for oatmeal straight from the instant packet. Mix your own oatmeal concoction using your favorite dried fruits, sugar, cinnamon, or other desired spices. Premix the ingredients in a small Ziploc bag for easy toting on the trail. Treat dinner the same way. Premix your dinner ingredients so there is no measuring required on the trail and you are only taking what you need.

Plan group meals. Summer sausage, kabobs and Thai red curry are all possible meals in the back country. Collaborating with the group will make preparing such meals a breeze. If everyone is pitching in and sharing the weight of such fancier foods and beverages, all backpackers can reap the benefits. Kabobs make great cooking for a short backpacking trip, where they will be eaten the first night. Use all your favorite kabob ingredients including meats, veggies and potatoes, season as normal, and wrap the kabobs (minus the skewer) in aluminum foil. Place two or three kabobs in large Ziploc bags (for individual servings) and freeze overnight. If you have a long drive to the trailhead, store the kabobs in a cooler in the car. Once at the trailhead, distribute the kabob packages to each backpacker to carry his or her own share. Cook them on the fire that nig burberry bags sale ht. If using raw meats (especially chicken) be sure that the meat stays cold during the car ride and hike to prevent food borne illness.

Today’s technological advancements have make cooking in the backcountry easier (and lighter) than ever. Your meal options will expand endlessly when you can bake on the trail and you are not limited to cooking in one pan. Use a skillet to fry summer sausage in the morning. You can even put o burberry bags sale melets on the breakfast menu if you pack in a skillet instead of just a pot to boil water. Having an oven on the trail can make every meal more gourmet. Look for recipes specifically designed for backcountry ovens. If you plan on many long backpacking trips, an oven may be worth the investment.

Dehydrated food is not all bad. Buying your own dehydrator will allow you to customize your meal options to just about anything your mind can cook up. Dehydrators are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. If you aren’t interested in purchasing one, try using a conventional oven to dehydrate your meals (by placing your oven at low heat and leaving the door open). You might find the wasted energy and extra time invested in using your conventional oven to dehydrate food makes a dehydrator worth the expense.