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Backpacking Sleeping Bag Review

Depending on the season and environment you plan on backpacking in, your choice in sleeping bags will vary. Rated by the lowest temperature a bag will keep your body warm, most backpackers find that a three season sleeping bag (rated +10 to +35 degrees) is ideal for their needs. If you are planning on heading out in the desert during the summer or snowing camping in the winter, ratings for summer burberry bags sale season bags start at +40 and the ratings for cold weather/winter bags start at +10 degrees and lower.

Available in many different synthetic fills or goose down, both options have advantages and disadvantages. Sleeping bags with synthetic fill will provide superior warmth, dry faster and keep shape longer. One major drawback to this particular fill is the lack of compressibility and added weight. Down filled bags also burberry bags sale provide exceptional warmth, are lightweight and are often compressible down to the size of a tin can. Down sleeping bags are ideal until soaked by moisture and take days to dry out.

Size is another important factor to consider when shopping for a new backpacking sleeping bag. Standard sizing will fit anyone 6 feet 2 inches and under, luckily most manufacturers make a “long” sized bag for taller backpackers.

Purchasing a sleeping bag that leaves open space around y burberry bags sale our body will defeat the purpose of burberry bags sale the design. Constructed to trap your body’s heat to create warmth, a well fitted sleeping bag should have a close fit without being stifling.

Sleeping bags for backpacking can vary in price according to the materials used in construction and the manufacturer. Many down fill bags can cost anywhere from $100 to $400 for high quality lightweight designs. Synthetic filled bags can start at $70 and cost up to $250. Although synthetic bags can be less expensive than down bags you may also be taking on a little more weight.

Physically test out several different brand names and styles of sleeping bags before making a final decision. Many retailers will let you slip into the bag, zip it up and crank down on the draw cords to test out its shape and warmth.