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Backpacks and Travel Accessories

Manhattan Portage knows what consumers need when it comes to bags, especially New York Style Messenger Bags. For over 20 years of being involved in the New York fashion world, Manhattan Portage has developed a flair and knowledge for what people want, need, and enjoy when it comes to bags. The innovative, functional and stylish bags created by Manhattan Portage has served the purpose for carrying text books, DJ equipment, for messengers in New York and more. For those who don’t live in New York Manhattan Portage has made it possible for the world to enjoy their products by offer burberry bags sale ing them online.

Manhattan Portage Bags are quality bags generally made of Cordura plus nylon, and Delrin hardware, making them durable functional and quite popular among those wanting to scary the popular upscale bag. A favorite among New Yorkers, the Manhattan Portage bags have a solid reputation, and where many competitors have tried to imitate the authentic Manhattan Portage Bags, none have come close.

Manhattan Portage offers a wide assortment of authentic Manhattan Portage New York Style Messenger Bags, Briefcases, Laptop Cases, Backpacks, and Travel Accessories.

One of the most popular bags is the Manhattan Portage Large New York Messenger Bag. Features of this particular model include a water resistant coating, a large interior compartment, a zi burberry bags sale ppered pocket on the front flap, two zippered pockets and one open pockets, a small zippered pocket inside the main compartment, an open pocket on the back for a newspaper or magazine, Velcro and buckle closures, a soft shoulder strap and handle, and double reinforcement on the corners for great wear and durability. Available in Dark Brown, Black, Grey, Navy, and Periwinkle, the Manhattan Portage Large New York Messenger Bag generally retails for approximately $88.50.

Another popular bag by Manhattan Portage is the Medium West Side Bag, which is the perfect size and has tons of pockets for organization. Features of this style include water resistant coat burberry bags sale ing, double reinforcement on the corner burberry bags sale s for wear and tear and durability, a main compartment with a zippered pocket, two zippered pockets on the front flap, two zippered pockets and one open pocket underneath the flap, a clip and key ring behind the flap, an adjustable nylon webbing shoulder strap and more. Available in Black, Dark Brown, Grey, Khaki, Navy, Olive and Periwinkle the Manhattan Portage Medium West Side Bag generally retails for approximately $105.00. At home parties make it fun for suburbanites, too.5 Great Handbags for Fall 2009Here are five top handbags for women this fall 2009 season.