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Skateboarding clothing and a burberry bags sale pparel for skateboarders reviews. Also reviews for skateboarding backpacks, duffels, bags and other carrying gear. Includes reviews of skateboarding branded clothing, skatepacks, and wearabls made with skaters in mind.

Dakine is a solid company that makes gear for all kinds of “action sports”, and is well known for making good quality equipment. Dakine also has a skateboarding team, and makes a few different styles of skateboarding backpacks and bags. For this review, Dakine sent me the Dakine Team Skatepack, Dakine Duel Backpack, and the Dakine Skate Duffel bag to check out. Read this review of the Dakine Skateboarding Backpacks and Duffel Bags for 2007.

Mentality Skateboards Review Clothing, Decks, Wheels, Team, etc!

Mentality Skateboards Review Clothing, Decks, Wheels, Team Mentality Skateboards is a newer skateboard company that makes clothing, decks, wheels are more. They have an established skateboarding team, and actually make good quality gear! Skateboarding companies pop up here and there all the time, and it’s rare to find a skateboard company that does well enough to stick around, let alone make good stuff that I would actually want to buy!

Arnette Lock Up 3045 sunglasses

I was recently sent a pair of new Lock Up sunglasses, from Arnette to review. The add says that Willy Santos wears them, so they must be pretty cool. Read about the Arnette Lock Up 3045 sunglasses.

DC Wasatch Snowboarding Backpack Review

Whether you drop your skateboard for the wi burberry bags sale nter and pick up a snowskate or snowboard, or you just want a cool looking DC snow backpack, The DC Wasatch is a snowboarding backpack that comes with everything you need. The Wasatch can carry your snowboard vertically or horizontally, has shovel holding straps, breathable back lining, comfortable straps, and just plain looks cool.

Bones Rat II 2 Skateboarding Backpack Review

The Bones Rat II skateboarding backpack has everything you need in a school pack, but doesn’t feature skateboard holding straps for your board. But if you aren’t burberry bags sale looking for a pack to actually hold your skateboard, but instead to use for school and hauling around your stuff, The Bones Rat II bag will work VERY well. It’s light, tough, and has a pile of extra little pockets. Plus, it looks pretty cool! REad more about the Bones Rat 2 skateboarder backpack.

DC Coney Jacket Review Snowboarding, Snowskating, Winter Coat Review

DC Coney Jacket Review The DC Coney jacket is one of the coolest jackets that DC has come out with. The Coney has a slick snow / urban camouflage look with a detachable gray fleece lining. The Coney is great for snowskating, riding your snowdeck, or snowboarding. Plus it works for staying warm and looking good. Read this review of the DC Coney snow coat for more.

Red Dragon Apparel (RDS) Clothing Review Fall 05

RDS (Red Dragon Apparel) is a skateboarding company out of Cancouver, Candada. RDS has a huge line of clothing available, from hats to shirts to pants even snowboarding clothing. In this review, we’ll take a look at a selection of Red Dragon (RDS) clothing.

Dickies Girl Lowrider Pants Review

Dickies Girl makes some hot clothes take a look at these Lowrider Pants. These pants have a slim, hot look, but are built Dickies tough. Perfect for girl skaters who want to both look awesome and be able to rip it up on their skateboards. Dickies Girl Lowrider Pants are popular with skateboarding girls, and there plenty of reasons.

Dickies Clothes for Skateboarding Review

Dickies are perfect for the punk scene, with Dickies industrial look and strong designs. But Dickies provides more than just a tough image what works for labor works for skateboarding. I reviewed some pants, jeans, jackets and shorts that the Dickies website lists as being perfect for skateboarding, and am happy with what I found. With features like.

DC Hiatus II Travel Ba burberry bags sale g Review

The DC Hiatus II is a huge travel bag, with piles of extra pockets and features. It a wheelie bag, with a telescoping handle, and a strong padded shoulder strap with metal clasps. The DC Hiatus II even features a removable laptop bag with it own shoulder strap, and a removable smaller bag that works great for toiletries or anything else you might want. The DC logos are stitched and screen printed on, and the whole bag looks and works great.

DC Minar DX Skate Jeans Review

For some people, jeans are jeans. I disagree especially when it comes to skateboarding. You want tough jeans that fit you well, let you move, and look good. DC Minar DXs are slim fitting, DC Denim button fly skate jeans that come pre blasted for the DX worn look. While they don’t have many other special features, having un complicated jeans is a good thing. You have enough to think about, without worrying if your jeans will break down or blow a gasket. Read this review for more.

Understood Clothing Company Review

Understood Clothing makes all kinds of apparel for the action sports crowd. Started in 2002, Understood has grown from a small husband and wife owned clothing line into a diverse soft goods company that makes everything from belts to shirts to hat to pants. Understood Clothing also has a team they sponsor, covering the expected skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing, but also bands and women boxing! Understood clothes have a clean, simple style, but with some clever and original designs.

Globe T Shirts Review Fall 2005

The new Globe Shoes T shirt lineup for fall 2005 has some good looking, 100% cotton shirts with plenty of unique Globe Shoes style. Globe Shoes started in Australia, and is well known as one of hte best skateboarding shoe makers on the market. With names like Chet Thomas and Rodeny Mullen, Globe Shoes is well respected th world over. If you’re looking for a strong skate shoe company T Shirt, take a look at the Globe tees for fall, 2005. REad this review for more on Globe T Shirts.