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Nursery helps moms stay in school at Easton High

November 19, 2000By MADELEINE MATHIAS Of The Morning Call

Katrell’s mother, Williams, 17, another honor student, lives with her mother, while Katrell’s father, Keith Thompson, lives with his parents and helps as much as he can. But like Ramos, Janine has to wait until the 1 1/2 year old is asleep before she tackles her homework.

Having a baby has changed Williams’ life. She says, “You don’t have much of a private life.” To other teens, she advises, “Wait until you are done with school. Wait till you have more experience, until you have a job, until you have some stability.”

After she graduates in June, Williams hopes to study dental hygiene.

Gwen Peischl, the school’s guidance counselor, notes that teenager Paula Barretto took exams the day before her son, Deven, was born. She made the decision that she was going to stay in school.

Barretto, who has the full support of the baby’s father, Danny Phillips, works for her As and Bs in order to go to college on her path to being an elementary teacher.

Phillips, 18, who left school to burberry bags sale support Paula and Deven, travels 120 miles a day to a job in New Jersey. “I am going to make sure they are taken care of,” he says. “I’m sorry it happened, but we don’t regret it.”

The only father who visits the nursery daily is Edgardo Roman, 16, a 10th grader, who expertly feeds lunch to his son, Damien, 1, and changes his diaper. He lives with his parents, and Damien’s mother, Dana Teske, 15, a ninth grader, lives with her pa burberry bags sale burberry bags sale rents. on Saturdays and Sundays.

While Teske has the baby during the week, Roman has him on weekends, when his mother can watch Damien until Roman gets home from work.

“I’ve no regrets,” he says, but he adds that he doesn’t go out like other teens.

Teske received homebound instruction while pregnant at 14, but Roman stayed in school. Teske is now back in school.

Although they are parents, Roman said the two are just friends now, and adds they will stay friends.

While several mom students make the honor roll, Tia Moody, 18, the mother of Nasir Jackson, 5 months, works just as hard to get passing grades. She won’t give up until she gets her diploma, so that she can get a good job after graduation.

All the young mothers take parenting and child development classes as well as the courses they need to graduate. For most it is a full workload daily, but they all find time to visit their offspring at the nursery. If their child is sleeping, they are expected to and do it willingly play, hold or feed the other children.

Monahan said this shows the parents what they can expect when their child reaches another stage of development.

Although 11 mothers signed up for the nursery in September, three have dropped out because they could not handle the workload.

But Monahan said three expectant mothers, due in December, January and March, may bring their children to the nursery so they can stay in school.

Chase has one regret that LVCC has failed in terms of getting teen fathers involved. “Many are not in school,” she says, “so we have no way of rea burberry bags sale ching them.”

But she and Peischl are pleased that at last, Easton Area High School teen mothers have an avenue to keep them on the education track.