burberry bags sale Backpacks filled with caring

Backpacks filled with caring

Hundreds of kids who have escaped domestic violenc burberry bags sale e will receive backpacks filled with the basic school supplies they need to suc burberry bags sale ceed in the classroom.

The 13th annual School Supplies for Kids project run by Na’amat Canada Calgary, a Jewish women’s non profit organization, saw about 100 volunteers pack 875 backpacks Sunday with donated materials such as pencils, notebooks, scissors, and glue sticks.

Project chairwoman, Stephanie Sacks, said what she’s he burberry bags sale ard from the shelters is that fleeing a home of domestic violence is like fleeing a fire you don’t get to bring your personal possessions with you.

Providing those kids with school supplies is one step in helping them rebuild their lives, she said.

“It’s not going to change everything for them, but it’s going to help a little, it’s going to put a smile on their faces,” said burberry bags sale Sacks.

The backpacks are filled with grade appropriate supplies with the younger recipients getting things like crayons and the older ones calculators and dictionaries.

Volunteers from local schools and the Calgary Roughnecks were on hand to help stuff the backpacks, which will be dispersed at shelters in and around Calgary and even one in Lethbridge.