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Backpacks for Kids

Most kids’ backpacks can fulfill the basic job requirements: holding books and other school supplies. Bean, REI, and other companies. Timbuk2, among others, makes messenger bags. Bean, state age recommendations for their various models. A waist belt stabilizes the pack and transfers weight to the hips. A padded or quilted back panel or one with mesh fabric will “breathe” easier on hot days, making it more comfortable and less sweaty against a kid’s back. Compression burberry bags sale straps on the sides can take up the slack of a partially filled backpack. Also look for multiple pockets; small ones are good for a calculator, cell phone, or for holding keys. Make sure there’s a conceale burberry bags sale d interior pocket for cash.


Performance differences. All backpacks Consumer Reports tested were sturdy enough to withstand daily abuse or a tug of war at the bus stop. Water resistance varies. Most did a good job of withstanding the test lab equiva burberry bags sale lent of a 5 minute shower.

Recommendations. The middle school boys and girls who checked out packs for Consumer Reports didn’t favor one backpack over another, but they preferred a traditional backpack over the messenger bag’s single shoulder straps design. When choosing a pack for your child, look for one in your price range with the features mentioned above. Something to keep in mind after you’ve chosen a bag: according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a loaded backpack should weigh no more than 10 to 20 percent of a child’s total weight. So make burberry bags sale sure the backpack is the right size and not oversized, which might tempt a kid to overload it.