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Backpacks Found Near Boston Marathon Finish Line Prompts Evacuation

Hours after Tuesday anniversary event commemorating the burberry bags sale Boston bombings, a police bomb squad investigated two backpacks near the marathon finish line, cordoning off the area. They and rendered safe both bags, police spokesman David Estrada said. In a Twitter post, police said the detonations were measures. One bag was unattended, while the other one was worn by an individual.

One of the two bags contained a pressure cooker that was not a bomb, a law enforcement source said. The second bag belonged to a media outlet. Both bags were cleared, the source said.

Police spokesman Mike McCarthy said police came across a man who was one we most concerned about right. He got very vocal. He was yelling something, McCarthy said.

Police officers confronted him, escorted him from the area and cordoned off the area. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and possession of a hoax device, Boston Police Superintendent Randy Halstead said late Tuesday night.

Police activity at the Boston Marathon finish line where a backpack was left unattended on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. (Credit: CNN)

An FBI spokeswoman said the agency was assisting police.

Earlier burberry bags sale Tuesday, police responded burberry bags sale to a report of a possible pipe bomb near Boston South Station. Investigators determined it wasn an explosive, but burberry bags sale rather a high voltage fuse that didn pose a threat, state officials said.