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Backpacks Load Out Bags

(Patent Pending)The burberry bags sale BattleLab BLPF 81J “Jumpable”Backpack has so many featuresyou’ll wonder how we did it. Thisincredible pack is heavilyengineered for strength anddurability and designed for forwardobservation/communicationspatrolling. The lowerpocket is 2.5″D x 10″W x 8″L. On the topsides of the pack, behind thebellows burberry bags sale slot pockets, there are twoadditional slot pockets that run thefull length of the bellows slotpockets. Also o burberry bags sale n the top of thepack, behind the main grab handle,there is a radio port to access themain compartment. There arealso two internal hangers forcommunication equipment. The modulardesign allows the user to configure the bag to fit theirgear whether it be night vision, telephoto surveillanceequipment or optical recording devices. The lid featuresfour zippered pockets including a utility pocket, a largemesh pocket for storing small objects and two clearplastic pouches for storing items that need extraprotection. Withits beefy, double box stitched carry handle, it can alsobe used as a stand alone ba burberry bags sale g.