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Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysBackpa burberry bags sale cks have two straps on the back of the bag one for each shoulder. Sling bags only have one burberry bags sale strap. In both cases, the straps are adjustable. The internal compartments of backpacks are usually accessed by zippers, where there are usually many other pockets for smaller items. Sling bags typically have a large flap that folds over the front of the bag and attaches by a button at the bag’s bo burberry bags sale ttom. Sling bags are usually easier to get into while being worn, unlike backpacks, which are better suited for hikes and uses that don’t involve a need to retrieve items frequently from the pack.Backpacks differ mostly in size. They are designed more for function than fashion, which is wh burberry bags sale y they are often used for camping and military trips. Sling bags have many shapes, styles and designs. Sometimes the straps are very long and cross the chest so that the bag hangs below the opposite shoulder from where the strap hangs. Some sling bags are designed for specific purposes, such as laptop or camera cases. A laptop sling bag will fit the dimensions of a typical laptop, a thin rectangular shape. A camera sling bag will have a more boxy shape.