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Backwards compatible with all recent Nvidia GPUs

At GDC 2014, Microsoft and Nvidia have taken the lid off DirectX 12 the new API that promises to deliver low level, Mantle like latencies with vastly improved performance and superior hardware utilization compared to DX11. Even better, DirectX 12 (and D3D 12) are backwards compatible with virtually every single GPU from the GTX 400 to the present day.

Microsoft has published a blog post and accompanying API samples that illustrate how much more powerful the software is, even in this early alpha burberry bags sale stage. Microsoft blog post is unusually open about flaws in the current API, admitting that DX11 is poorly multithreaded and that certain assumptions the standard makes about its underlying hardware are particularly inefficient.

See how, in DX11, the entire workload is hanging on a single thread with extremely low utilization on the other threads? That a problem with the kernel mode driver running on the same thread as the game and the D3D layer, there just not much for the other threads to do. The second graph shows how, by splitting the workload more evenly, the game can hit much lower latencies. Better latencies translates directly into higher frame rates.

3DMark DX11

This pair of screenshots further illustrates the model. Total CPU time is dramatically reduced in DX12 by efficiently reallocating data across all cores. Interestingly, while these two screen shots are the same frame, they aren using the same lighting model. No word yet on whether or not that caused by DX12 alpha status, or if it the results of other lighting changes and program updates.

OS and GPU supportOne of the surprise announcements at the show is that Nvidia will support DX12 on every Fermi, Kepler, and Maxwell class GPU. That means nearly every GTX 400, 500, and 600 series card will be supported. Interestingly, AMD isn necessarily following suit the company has indicated that it will support DX12 on all GCN based hardware, but hasn indicated if HD 6000 or HD 5000 cards will be included in that.

As for OS support, Microsoft was a bit dodgy on that front. Microsoft spokespeople noted that the company understands the questions around Windows 7 support, but offered no details on whether or not such support would be forthcoming. Instead, we got the following slides:

[Slides courtesy of PC Perspective]

There are some quirks to all this. There no reason to think DX12 would be baked into all desktop cards from AMD and Nvidia but be somehow missing from 20% of new gamer PCs not when gaming laptops are fully stocked with DX11 cards, top to bottom. Either Microsoft thinks Intel will suddenly surge forward into the top end of the gaming GPU market while skipping DX12, or there are factors impacting DX12 compatibility that no one has made clear.

Furthermore, an estimated 50% of all gaming PCs will have access, strongly implying that yes, Windows compatibility will be split in some fashion. Our best guess at this point is a Windows 8 cutoff. As of now, the Steam Hardware Survey shows Windows 7 with 50.55% of the market and Windows 8 holding just over 21% for both 8 and 8.1 combined.

With no availability expected until Christmas 2015, AMD definitely has a window of opportunity to build support for Mantle. The company will make its own announcement regarding DX12 later today; we update this post to include that information when available. Bringing the API out on a huge range of cards is a major win for gaming, but given that Mantle mostly helps in situation where a powerful GPU is paired with a low end CPU, we counsel against expecting amazing leaps on old hardware. Unless DX12 contains optimizations for improving GPU performance in ways Mantle doesn address, old cards on modern software will only see very small increases.

Tagged InWell according to some nVidia reps, they had their team working with burberry bags sale Microsoft for 4 years to bring DX12 to alpha. These kinds of software packages take a very long time to build, you know.

These are elite people working at Microsoft, morality aside. They a hell of a lot more proactive than the average person. If it took them this long to have DX12 ready, I would guess it because they held off on releasing it until they were pressured, and not because it wasn generally finished.

You have to pace your releases so that you always have the next incremental/revolutionary thing ready in case someone is about to one up you.

Indeed. A new DirectX is generally paired with a new release of Windows, and usually also around the same time as new GPU architectures come to market, so that major new features can be supported (such as geometry shaders in D3D10 or tessellation and compute shaders in D3D11).

I would suspect that the release of DX12 is at the end of 2015, because nVidia and/or AMD probably have some GPU updates ready as well by that time. Most probably the shader language will be extended further (SM6.0). And who knows what else.

That has always been the pattern.

no not exactly lol, the are a huge library of excellent pc games out there, however most of them require either direct X 3 to 6, 7 or 8, and a few 9. my point is tho in recent years most games have not been pc exclusives, so gone are the good strategy and simulation games us pc gamers loved bah few and since say mid 2000 are the shoddy console ports of dumb FPS games and dumbed down Role playing games instead. and not many games yet require direct X 10 plus to run anyway which is the other part of my point. i have 1 thats it sword of the stars 2, which i cannot play now anyway as i deleted my wind burberry bags sale ows 7 partition over a year ago as i don use it (i like windows xp) the whole games industry is heading for one big crash if you ask me : )

my steam library looks similar lol.

i stand by my opinion tho, even tho i see where you are coming from, please read the reply i made to justin above : )

few of the games you mentioned are console ports.

half life 2 runs on the source engine and is direct x 8 compatible so that includes portal and left for dead although, even tho i have played though half life 2 (when it was released) to me it was never as good as half life.

bioshock again its an ok game i only ever finished bioshock 1, but to me it was never as good as either system shock (dos) or system shock 2. the story was ok but the gameplay mechanic was ripped from sshock2.

Xcom, a burberry bags sale gain i played and finished, it was an ok nod to the franchise, but not a patch on the original UFO enemy unknown, this is a good example of modern games been dumbed down for console audiences, it just shows what pc gamers expected from a game back in the day,

battlefield franchise, i have not played. but i do understand it has a huge fan base and is not as dumb as some of its other online rivals (aka COD ) lol, so ill give u that one, but like i said of of playable dx 9 games lol no way, that game is for degenerates with no life, seriously i don know how anybody could put any time into that game. i used to play eve online and that took up too much time so i quit. many many moons ago. sorry no offense to any wow players : )

i know progress has to made in the underlining technology of API but there has to be games and good ones for us pc gamers to play. and we are not seeing that trend, developers are either going bust, giving up or being bought out by publishers. publishers are turning whats left into sweat shops churning out the next DRM/DLC micro transaction filled crap call of duty clones or call of duty itself lol, and they are aimed at consoles with pc ports as an afterthought. not many original pc games are left. and the franchises that are born on the pc are locked up in rights between defunct developers and since bought out publishers (homeworld franchise for eg). this is turning into an essay lol sorry ill shut up now : (