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backwards policies are hurting the Xbox One

Since the Xbox One was revealed last May, Microsoft has made some major course corrections. The draconian always online requirements were scrapped, and the execution of used game dealers was stayed, but a number of serious issues still plague the Xbox One. Because of this short sighted policy, many notable indie devs are steering clear of the Xbox One completely.

In an interview with our sister site IGN, Curve Studios Rob Clarke explains exactly why his company is developing titles for the Wii U and PS4, but has nothing currently slated for the Xbox One. This clause requires that these indie games must not have been released previously for other consoles. For small indie developers already working with Sony and Nintendo, this clause effectively means that the Xbox One is persona non grata.

Meanwhile, Sony is knocking it o burberry bags sale ut of the park in terms of developer relations. Fan favorites like Nidhogg, Spelunky, and Escape Goat 2 were among a list of a dozen indie games scheduled for release on the PS4. If Microsoft wants to cater to the indie scene like Sony is, the parity clause has got to go. In the end, it does little more than shorten the list of titles available for the Xbox One.

Unfortunately, the demand for launch parity isn the only problem facing the Xbox One. The $500 price tag is an albatross around the Xbox One neck, and the cost of the Kinect is largely to blame. To close the PS4 sales gap, Microsoft needs to drop the MSRP, and make the Kinect an optional purchase. $400 is the right price for the Xbox One right now, and anything more than that means giving up even more ground to Sony.

Sony Project Morpheus virtual reality headset could arrive as soon as next year

If Microsoft is serious about fixing the Xbox One and its flagging sales, there are also a few smaller tweaks that would help its case. Sony has been quite aggressive with its plans for virtual reality and game streaming, but Redmond has remained relatively quiet on the subject. Getting out in front of these major trends would help mend Microsoft damaged image, and portray the Xbox One as a platform with a bright future.

While we on the subject, Microsoft also needs to remove the paywall from video apps on its consoles, and release official PC drivers for the Xbox One controller. It surprising to see how Microsoft is still dragging its feet on even the most minor of issues, and it slowly squeezing the life out of its new console. And now look pc has titanfall will be getting destiny and halo is already announced to be coming to pc.

It would be utterly retarded for MS to not bring these games to pc this time around. They are getting directx12 rolling out and would only lose money not bringing these games to pc

I fores burberry bags sale ee an xbl app for Windows coming soon that will allow pc to play on xbl with console tards. That when we will really hear tons of butthurt crying no fair he must be cheating nobody can turn that fast and be that accurate I can hear it now.

Ahh console peasant tears! Nothing more refreshing

There is a lot to disagree with here, but Im going to focus on one thing foresee an xbl app for Windows coming soon that will allow pc to play on xbl with console tards. will never, ever happen. Why? Because on a console, you are essentially steering a crosshair with a joystick. On a PC, that same thing can be accomplished with a practiced flip of the wrist. A mouse will always be a much faster aiming device, and so you end up with a situation where mediocre PC gamers stomp the crap out of the most elite console gamers. It can never be a fair fight mice players wont tolerate software slowing their aim, and to speed up the aim of the console players is to make the crosshair move so fast, it becomes inaccurate. There is no technical solution to this, and so consoles and PC gamers will be separated unless we eventually end up driving the games with the same device which may never happen. Perhaps one day when neither device has anything but voice control, but surely not until then.

oh, hi there mr. just turned 8 and my mommy let me on the interwebs. or perhaps you have sim burberry bags sale ply been banned and had to create a new account to post your xbot fanaticism?

fact, xb1 is actually selling worse than the 360, even the Vita is doing better. MSFT has been making far more bad decisions than usual, even so, I doubt they are dumb enough to completely ignore markets that would make them money. If they developed those games exclusively for the XB1 they would lose money. They really haven got a choice atm but to release to other platforms (they can gamble and hold it, but the number of people who purchase a console for only one game is pretty small when looking at the big picture.

oh, and Halo was on PC, and the next one coming is already planned for PC, much like nearly every single title currently in Xbox One very small library.

the war is over, you lost, the sooner you accept that the sooner you can move and and better develop your self esteem.

He just stated a whole bunch of things you cant do with your ps4. Alot of what he said was what the last gen ps3 can do. Whats a great must have game for the ps4 and what does the ps4 has to offer other than raw power because if thats all your pc can do that 10 times more. He basically drawing opinions for gamers to steer you toward his prefered system. I dont wont nobody to stop being playstation fans but I do want yall to stop being hypocrites and be more about the games and their gameplay other than the specs of a console. Playstation fans in no way should be acting like a bunch of pc athusiasts. Xbox one is a part of gaming and entertainment and I love the exclusives that are coming to the x1 platform. The x1 isnt perfect just like the ps4 and wiiu not perfect but crazed fan boys want to say the ps4 is the best gaming console on the planet. Thats negative because I know too many people who still play their old consoles!

Microsoft has been updating the xbox one since february, infact I just downloaded another one lastnight. Sony just recent for the first time updatee the ps4 then they still managed to leave out friend notifications and support for mp3. Its very much true that most of the success from the ps4 comes from extreme hype and a bunch of idiot sony fan boys. Microsoft messed up one time then yall hypocrites ready to jump ship eventhough they are constantly fixing most of the problems. Sony fans are the biggest hypocrites alive!

When is the update coming that will allow Netflix and other video apps to not be behind the paywall?

Let me know when that update is coming, then we can talk about what is so dire that Sony must address today or else. The saying goes, if it not broke you don fix it. The corollary is that something that has fewer problems requires less is also constantly Windows for me MS! Having an OS that is more like swiss cheese, security wise, isn a great thing to brag about. Constant fixes means lots of things are broken that shouldn have been broken in the first place. By comparison, the average car I owned has had 1 2 recalls.

to be clear. the merit of your argument is that the xb1 has been getting more updates more often? You do understand what this really shows isn that it is getting more support, but that it is simply far more broken and incomplete out of ther box than the competition. And no that wasn the only update the PS4 has had, to be clear, it is the seventh update since launch. most ps4 users don notice because it automatic. What this about friend notifications? tells me everytime a friend logs on/off or sends a message. and if I chose, tells me what they are doing if they do something new. MP3, it on the way, but then again, I use a superior format with greater fidelity, the ps4 plays it just fine.

Summary: The playstation fan boy crap will never end as long we have people like you encouraging them to be a fan boy like yourself. Obviously the x1 had alot of problems. They had to change up the whole system in only months to go up against the competition. The drm for the xbox one was going to actually help devs get money back from traded games and allow us to buy games more cheaper digitally other than letting gamestop get all the money from traded games so it wasnt all bad. I do understand that the sign in once a day was a major blow for console gamers even me thats why I chose to get the ps4 before they dropped the drm. The point im getting at is the xbox one isnt perfect but it has worthwhile features and have great exclusives. Yall fan boys wont admit that because let me see, you idiots!

You defend the original vision that even most MS fans had a problem with, and call others fanboys in the same breath. You done nothing other than trot out every pro Xbone talking point ever posted. You aren fooling anyone. There was nothing MS offered in terms of exclusive games at launch that I was interested in. At the same time, I would say the same thing about Sony exclusives at launch. Both were lackluster. Going by independent reviews, the games you say you love, were not that great according to others. Ryse was labelled repetitive, short, and it doesn suck as bad as I thought it would Forza was labelled a unless you paid for the XP bonus. I of the belief that a game is either microtransaction oriented or a paid game. I don expect a game I pay $60 for to almost mandate that I pay for extra items in game to make it not painful to progress. I also not big into car games. KI was labelled a half game waiting to be finished. DR3 also had a bunch of mixed reviews, plus I pretty well sick of the way overused zombie thing. But you say they are all great, just like the other MS fanboys do.

Thats all in your mind but im am no xbox fan boy. People sometime get a passionate gamer and a fan boy confused. Ironically I purchased the wiiu at launch and people called me a nintendo fan boy even back then just because I was telling people it was a decent console and it feels great when playing on the gamepad. I never stated that the xbox one did not have problems or somewhat broken. I know its not perfect but it has some great exclusives. I also didnt say that the ps4 is not a awesome system. I happen to love the move Sony is taking with the indies, its like the NES days all over again and I mean it in a good way. The ps4 runs smoothly like its suppost to and the new sharefactory app is amazing. I just think they couldve came better with their exclusives. I felt like killzone multiplayer was at 30 fps because Sony aimed to show the raw power of the ps4 but I rather it had been 60fps because gameplay is all that matters to me. I love zombie games and actually my favorite one was Resident evil remake that cameout on the gamecube. Dead rising 3 is a fun co op game and im a fan of the other two dead rising games. I even bought dead rising 2: off the record for my ps3. I grew up with ki and tons people love the new one, even the top tier fighters play killer instict. You have to understand the circumstances of ki to understand why it was released unfinished. MS just had went through a legal battle to get the ki name renewed a year before ki was released. I and other top tier players in the fighting commun burberry bags sale ity are happy with how well double helix has done with the new ki. Playstation fans call ki free 2 play but they rarely even complained about tekken revolution which was a real free 2 play game. Forza 5 was also good and not just some microtransaction game that fan boys claimed it to be. Im not a fan boy at all and I love all games. Maybe its you and other fan boys that need to change and start actually playing the games you are judging. Ive played them all and I can tell that most people bashing games in comments havnt played them!

There no confusing when that fanboy quotes every single MS talking point.

Ironically I purchased the wiiu at launch and people called me a nintendo fan boy even back then just because I was telling people it was a decent console and it feels great when playing on the gamepad.