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Bacon was under police surveillance on day of Surrey Six murders

Nine officers from the Integrated Gang Task Force were following accused killer Jamie Bacon on the day of the Surrey Six murders “to gather intelligence” about the notorious gangster.

The cops started outside Bacon’s Port Moody high rise that morning and watched as he and a man who can only be identified as Person Y due to a publication ban drove to World Gym in Port Coquitlam.

The Crown has alleged that Bacon held a meeting at the gym that morning during which he ordered the murder of rival drug dealer Corey Lal one of six men shot to death later that day in suite 1505 of Surrey’s Balmoral Tower.

Vancouver Police Det. Const.

She told Justice Catherine Wedge that she was on foot outside of her police vehicle doing covert surveillance on the Mercedes as it pulled in.

Walsh admitted she was familiar with other associates of Bacon, but made no notes of seeing accused killer Matt Johnston, or another man who can be identified only as Person X, arriving or leaving the World Gym.

But she said that she wasn’t observing the door constantly for the 39 minutes Bacon and Y were inside.

Asked specifically about Johnston, Walsh said: “I may have seen him and not IDed him.”

Person Y is expected to be a key Crown witness when he testifies in early 2014.

Johnston, Cody Haevischer and Michel Le are facing charges of first degree murder and conspiracy in the death of Lal, his brother Michael burberry bags sale , Ryan Bartolomeo, Eddie Narong, Chris Mohan and Ed Schellenberg. Bacon is also charged but being tried separately at a later date. and killed all six minutes later.

Vancouver Police Det. Const. Ajmer Sandhu, who led the surveillance team on Oct. 19, testified that police were watching Bacon to collect intelligence about him and his associates and not in connection with a specific criminal investigation.

Sandhu said he followed the Mercedes into Abbotsford, but lost it around the Clearbrook town centre.

Another officer testified the Mercedes was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic on the highway, but Sandhu said he couldn’t remember how it was driving.

RCMP Const. Oct. 19.

McLachlan said she saw a Mercedes associated to Person Y, as well as a truck linked to Bacon, in the Port Moody parkade when she arrived.

McLachlan was asked about a “target book” used by the surveillance team that contained photographs and details of Bacon, his two brothers, Johnston, Person Y and more than 30 others who police believed were associates of Bacon in October 2007.

She agreed with defence lawyers that neither Haevischer nor Le were listed in the target book.

Johnston defence lawyer Michael Tammen complained to Wedge that the Crown had blacked out key portions of the target book in the copy that was disclosed and that he only learned what was missing Thursday afternoon.

“What happened today should not have happened in this case,” Tammen said.

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I often come on here and hear people referencing certain stories to the Air India case, I heard a few small details regarding it all but I haven taken it upon myself to actually look into it, Most people would probably say google it but I often mislead by false information when I just look it up on the net, Can anyone fill me in? I more so just curious, and thanks for working so hard on the Surrey Six case Kim, always a good read, Apart from the pointless arguing and false claims that I see in the comments section, Anyway, anybody?

the police thought the bacons were up to no good?? really?? no wire taps?? seriously? these guys were the most notorious gangsters in bc at the time and the cops should have been all over them, its a joke that they were ordering hits and killing people while they were being watched by there cops i guess the police were too busy doing other things like kicking suspected gang associated out of bars and nightclubs instead of doing real police work, catching murderers!! what a waste of tax money, lol gangsquad and the vpd are a joke, and if these guys get off on these murder charges we can thank our local police force

Thank you Kim, And 99 times out of 100 it preferred that those checks and balances are in place to protect from inappropriate surveillance. It seems like this was one time where all the circumstances turned out just so, and the timing was unfortunate thag they didn get enough smaller evidence in time.

I am sure that if there had been more planning of the murder the police could have been able to prevent it. I wasn trying to blame the police (but I know the tone of my first post probably seemed that way).

I just wonder what would have happened if the murders didn take place. How long had they been watching, and how long would they have continued to watch? Are these investigations just indefinite until they find something they can get a warrant or charge with? How many years do they go on for?

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