burberry handbags Baby Born in Rubble of Philipp

Baby Born in Rubble of Philippine Typhoon

Surrounded by rubble, children swarm around a public well in this storm ravaged city, where bodies are still lying in the streets days after a deadly typhoon struck.

Emily Ortega rests after giving birth to Bea Joy at an improvised clinic at the Tacloban airport. (Credit: AP)

though we not sure that it is clean and safe, Roselda Sumapit said, still drink it, because we need to survive. scene on a street in the city of Tacloban is one of many CNN reporters and others have witnessed as residents deal with the death and destruction that Typhoon Haiyan left behind when the massive storm tore through the Philippines:

New life among death and chaos

Emily Ortega, 21, delivered a healthy daughter inside the Tacloban airport control tower. According to the Associated Press, the young woman had to swim and cling to a post to stay alive before she was finally able to reach the airport.

Ortega reportedly named her daughter Bea Joy Sagales, after her mother who disappeared in the storm Friday.

going to die Lim still remembers the sounds she heard as the storm struck.

The wind was so strong, she said, it sounded like someone was crying.

Speaking to CNN Monday from the city of Coron, Lim said one thought ran through her mind during the storm: going to die. Lim survived.

Many homes in Coron were severely damaged by the typhoon, she said, as the howling winds ripped roofs off houses made of light material like bamboo. East Coast. (Credit: CNN)

Prison inmates threaten breakout

A man stands on a rooftop, threatening to jump.

He is one of 672 inmates at a Tacloban prison, where food and water supplies ran out on Monday.

Now, the prison warden says the inmates have given him a warning, threatening a mass breakout in one or two days if they don get food and water.

From the prison rooftop, the inmate says burberry handbags he is devastated but he doesn mention food or drink. He says he doesn know what happened to his family during the storm.

Magina Fernandez voice cracks as she comes face to face with Philippines President Benigno Aquino III at Tacloban airport.

Help, she says, hasn come quickly enough.

need to get the word out, she tells him, the Philippine government can do this alone. was among the steady stream of typhoon victims arriving at the airport, searching for food, water and a chance to escape. She tells CNN she is desperate to leave the city.

international help to come here now not tomorrow, now, she says. is really, really like bad, bad, worse than hell, worse burberry handbags than hell. spreads

Richard Young wears a green whistle on a plastic strap around his neck.

He has been carrying it since Saturday night when small groups started forming to defend his neighborhood. They sta burberry handbags yed up all night, he says, prepared to whistle if they saw any looting.

But whistles aren the only thing they have, he says. Many also are carrying weapons.

long as they don harm my kids, my family, that OK, he says. once we are threatened, we will shoot. All of us, we are ready. the Filipino businessman says he been shocked at the looting he seen in the city not just food, he says, but large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. Thieves, he says, have already ransacked his shop and others nearby.

are very afraid. In Tacloban we are almost 98% Catholics, and I can believe they did this, he says. would think it going to be lawlessness. were just floating City Councilor Cristina Gonzales Romualdez and her husband, Mayor Alfred Romualdez wer burberry handbags e at their home facing the Pacific Ocean when the storm surge came, CNN affiliate ABS CBN reported Tuesday.

Suddenly, water burst into the home and rose so quickly, the people inside had to punch holes in the ceiling and climb to the second floor to avoid being swept away, Gonzales Romualdez told the network.