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I have a 1969 Spitfire that I’m restoring. I’ve got it back together but the rear tires really tuck in when going forward but straighten out when in reverse. No more then that. The toe in is set by shims between the body and the mount for the trailing link on each side that runs back to each hub. This should burberry handbags be set with the car loaded as driven and on turn tables.If you don’t have turn tables available you can take two plastic trash bags and spray silicone spray inside and place each wheel on one on a smoo burberry handbags th floor. This way the car will settle to how burberry handbags it is on the highway. Then set the toe in by adding shims at the body.The camber is not adjustable. If it too is wrong (they usually start to lean in at the top)(negative camber) due to weak springs. Rather then replace the spring or have it re arched, most owners just add “Gas over oil” shocks or put adjustab burberry handbags le coil over shocks on the lift the rear end up to correct the camber.