burberry outlet Autopsy inconclusive for fetus

Autopsy inconclusive for fetus found in girl

Preliminary reports from detectives suggest the fetus was born alive and possibly had been asphyxiated, but chief New York Police Department spokesman John McC burberry outlet arthy said that the case was still being investigated and that police were awaiting the medical examiners determination of the cause of death. The medical examiners also will determine whether it was a live birth.

The case began Thursday when a security guard stopped two 17 year old girls to examine their bags at a Victoria Secret store in midtown Manhattan. The guard found the dead fetus in one of the bags. Police believe she delivered at the other girl house.

Both girls were arrested on shoplifting charges. They pleaded not guilty Saturday to petit larceny and possession of stolen property.

The 17 year old found with the fetus hasn been charged in its discovery, and her lawyer said Saturday it was up to the district attorney to bring more serious charges.

now, there no proof that she facilitated the death of the baby, said attorney Genay Ann Leitman. a 17 year old who just had a child die. It pretty traumatic for anybody, kid or adult. girl believed to have given birth was taken to a hospital and burberry outlet remained there Friday. A woman who answered the phone at a possible home number for her said she knew nothing about the matter. A message left at another possible number wasn immediately returned.
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A woman who said she was the other girl mother said burberry outlet she hadn spoken with her daughter since her arrest and hung up.

Zami Ford, a neighbour of the girl believed to have given birth, told the Daily News she was unaware of the teen pregnancy and stunned by the allegations.