burberry outlet ‘Bag Lady’ Enters National Spo

‘Bag Lady’ Enters National Spotlight

UNION, Ill., Aug. 25, 2011 /PRNewswir burberry outlet e/ What began as a small startup company in a dairy barn in northern Illinois has today become a multi million dollar corporation with more than 800 employees worldwide. and 12:00 midnight.

The story of Maribeth Sandford is a truly inspirational American woman success story. As a single mom in 1980, and looking for a way to support herself and her children, Sandford decided to use her experience in graphic arts to begin printing logos on shopping bags. She borrowed $10,000 from her father to buy a printing press and set up sho burberry outlet p in a dairy barn. Her focus was on printing small quantities of bags to suit her customer’s needs. Selling bags by day and printing them by night, slowly her business began to burberry outlet grow.

Now a grandmother, Sandford runs a company that has topped $40 million in sales two years in a row and Bag Makers is becoming a family affair. The company has long named different bag styles after family members and featured her children and grandchildren on its catalog covers. Now her two children are helping to run the company too, together with 11 other family members.

“You start off very economically in a barn, and work after the kids go to school,” says Maribeth Sandford, CEO of Bag Makers, of her early days. “It’s the all American story. A woman starts a company in a barn and look where we are today. We’re the nation’s leader in what we do, kind of cool,” says Bag Makers’ President Chuck Sandford.

Bag Makers, Inc. is a leading supplier of non woven, p burberry outlet aper and plastic bags to the promotional products industry. Established in 1980, the company imprints more than 80 million bags each year to the corporate marketplace through a national network of promotional marketing companies. Using this global supply chain, Bag Makers also provides custom design and manufacturing services to its clientele.