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Awkward Ladies Club

If you’re in Portland, OR please note that Learning to Use the Alphabet (made by the talented Amy Burek and the talented me, excerpted above) will be screening soon in your emerald city of roses.

It’s part of the Animated Type Showcase, so if you thought it was dumb that Amy and I made an animation using a giant stack of letterpress prints, you’re going to hate to see that a bunch of other people did the same thing. But you probably th burberry outlet online ought it was great that we did that, because you’re no dummy, and in that case you should go to this event and marvel at the fruits of a whole lot of labor.

When: Saturday, May 10, 2014 Where: Independent Publishing Resource Center 1001SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202 Time: 7pm 8pm This screening is being billed as an burberry outlet online “appetizer” to the Northwest Animation Festival. Other artists include Megan Berner; Jrg Petri; Erin Paulson; Drew Christie; Tracy Honn; Victoria Squires and Louise Evans; John Andrews; Esther Smith and Dikko Faust; Abbey Ahmed; Students of Marnie Powers Torrey; Kent M burberry outlet online anske and Nanette Wylde; Elena Fowler; Troy Patterson; Barb Tetenbaum and Marilyn Zornado; Emily Larned; Lilli Carre; Judith Poirier; Claire Baille Cloke and Angie Butler; Sarah Nicholls; Vida Sacic; Claire McL burberry outlet online aughlin from Double Elephant; Allison Bianco, Sarah McDermott, and Martine Workman; and Vera Sebert.