burberry outlet online Axe falls on NSW planning head

Axe falls on NSW planning head Sam Haddad

A spokesman for Ms Goward on Wednesday confirmed Mr Haddad’s job had been axed.

“The position of director g burberry outlet online eneral of planning and infrastructure was abolished as part of setting up a new principal Department of Planning and Environment,” he said.

The announcement came hours after Ms Goward, who was NSW community services minister until this week’s cabinet reshuffle, was sworn in to her new portfolio.

Mr Haddad had been the state’s top planning bureaucrat since 2005.

Urban Taskforce chief Chris Johnson said the veteran public servant’s successor would have big shoes to fill.

“Sam Haddad has been a stable figure leading reform in burberry outlet online the planning system burberry burberry outlet online outlet online in NSW over many years,” Mr Johnson said.

“The incorporation of environment and local government as well as planning within a new Department of Planning and Environment signals a new approach to governance for planning issues (and) the linking of local government and planning is potentially a good move as much planning is implemented at the local council level.”