burberry outlet online Baby bats in mini sleeping bag

Baby bats in mini sleeping bags

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A bat saved my life once, and this seems like the perfect place to share this story.

I used to live out in the super duper country four a couple of years. I am a city girl and am really afraid of creepy crawlies, especially enormous spiders. One night I had just gotten home, parked my car in front of my house, and opened my door to get out. As soon as I opened the door this FUCKING ENORMOUS SPIDER, like bigger than a silver dollar (who I assume had been stowing away on the hood of my car somehow) dropped down on a web strand into my open car doorframe. I had a moment of sheer panic; spiders scare the hell out of me and my first thought was “well I trapped here forever”. I couldn close my car door without trapping the spider in my car, so even if I escaped through the passenger door, I still have to somehow get rid of this monstrous creature or risk leaving my car open for the business of all his spider friends.

All these thoughts went through my head in the span of a se burberry outlet online cond. I barely had a chance to panic before the most awesome bat in the whole world (or Motherfucking Batman, as I come to call him in my head) swoops down and grabs the spider out of midair in the burberry outlet online center of m burberry outlet online y car doorframe, a foot from my face, and flies away with it. The whole thing took less than five seconds to go down, and it might actually be the coolest thing I ever seen in my life.