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Baby born in airplane toilet found alive in bin

The unnamed 29 year old Sam burberry outlet online oan mother walked off a Pacif burberry outlet online ic Blue flight from Samoa to Auckland last Thursday after apparently giving birth during the flight.

Soon afterward, cleaners found the newborn child lying amid bloodied paper towels in a toilet bin.

The case made headlines in New Zealand and Samoa and prompted officials to defend check in procedures and public health warnings that heavily pregnant women should not fly.

Police Det Insp Mark Gutry said the woman was charged with child abandonment which carries a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment and child assault.

The mother could also face a fine of up to NZ$100,000 (e41,000) and another seven years in prison for allegedly failing to reveal information about her pregnancy, a violation of the country’s Immigration Act. The mother was reported to be returning to New Zealand to resume work as a fruit picker when her daughter was born.

She underwent surgery at an Auckland hospital last Thursday after the unaided birth and was later reunited with her baby.

It is thought that the baby may have been conceived in New Zealand when the mother was among 100 Samoan workers picking kiwi fruit for a fruit packing firm in the Bay of Plenty last year.

The baby was discovered when a Samoan trained nurse, who works as a cleaner, saw its arm move in the bin about 20 minutes after the flight landed.

She closed t burberry outlet online he lid of the 50 litre rubbish bin and called out to her co workers “there’s a baby in the rubbish”.

Another Samoan cleaner took the girl, who was surrounded by bloody tissue paper, out of the blue rubbish bag and wrapped the baby in a blanket.

The burberry outlet online woman who found her cut the umbilical cord then the cleaners gave the baby to a flight attendant who handed her to ambulance staff.

The mother had been in the toilet for about 10 minutes after the plane landed and the other passengers left. Officials found her in the airport and took her and the baby to hospital.