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burberry bags sale Bacteria May Grow In Reusable

Bacteria May Grow In Reusable Grocery Bags

Yes, a study funded by the American Chemistry Council, which by the way represents some disposable plastic bag makers, found there might be microbes hitchhiking in your reusable bags. But a few germs aren’t likely to pose much of a health risk.

Academic researchers recently tested burberry bags sale 84 reusable grocery bags from shoppers in California and Arizona: More than half the bags contained some sort of coliform bacteria, a category that includes Escherichia coli.

Instead, the plastics industry sponsored work, which found 97 percent of the people interviewed neve burberry bags sale r washed their bags, concludes the public should be educated about keeping them clean.

For what it’s worth, the report came out just as California considers a statewide ban on plastic bags.

Dr. Susan Fernyak, director of San Francisco’s Communicable Disease and Control Prevention division, tells Shots, “Your average healthy person is not going to get sick from the bacteria that were listed.”

The report says researchers found E. coli in seven of the bags tested. But Fernyak says the study doesn’t identify th burberry bags sale e type of E. coli in the bags, a significant shortcoming. Most strains of E. coli are harmless, according to the Centers for Disease Control burberry bags sale and Prevention.

San Francisco three years ago. San Francisco’s bag ban hasn’t affected the rates of E. coli infection in town, Fernyak says.

She doubts the strains in bags would be the kind that would make someone sick. “I think important points and information was presented in a way that is somewhat misleading,” she says of the report.

Contamination can happen with any surface that touches meat, like a counter top, she says. “There’s nothing special about these bags than anything else that can become contaminated,” she says.

But she adds that researchers would probably find a certain percentage of the population wasn’t cleaning cutting boards properly. She says reusable bags are safe, but washing the bags isn’t a bad idea.

Update: We talked with a spokeswoman from the American Chemistry Council who said plastic makers also produce the resin used in most reusable bags. “We don’t try to discourage reusable bag use,” she said.

burberry bags sale Bacteria in Locker RoomsTh

Bacteria in Locker Rooms

The gym locker room is a place to catch your breath, scrub up, and congratulate yourself after crushing a tough workout. But it’s also a breeding ground for bacteria.

“The warm and moist environment in the locker room allows for germs and bacteria to be found everywhere,” says Jack Foley, ATC, director of sports medicine and head athletic trainer at Lehigh University. “It’s often the things you can’t see that harm you the most.”

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid stripping down and showering unless your cubicle mates are cool with working next to a sweaty beast. Instead, steer clear of these common locker room blunders to emerge from the gym germ free.

Sure, it’s easier to kick off your sneakers and hit the shower right away, but touching your bare feet to the floor in a public place is a terrible idea. Mold, algae, and fungi grow easily in damp shower environments and mix with sweat, skin cells, and even urine. (Yep: Peeing in the gym shower happens more often than you think.) “Fungi need heat and moisture to thrive,” says Foley. “Walking in bare feet makes you the perfect target for a fungal attack.”

Tinea pedis, better known as athlete’s foot, is one of the most common and catchable infections caused by walking around barefoot. Even if you’re clear of open sores or cuts, athlete’s foot can easily jump from its original host, to the shower floor, and on to your unprotected foot.

2. Stuffing Sweaty Clothes in Your Gym Bag

Bags are made to carry your workout gear, but cramming your wet tees, shorts, and socks into your duffel and then forgetting about them for the rest of the day or worse, the week is like giving bacteria an open ended invitation to come and play. “If you’re tossing warm, damp gear in your gym bag after working out, burberry bags sale you’re allowing germs to have a free ride home in a perfect petrie dish,” says Foley.

Bring a plastic bag to contain your dirty clothes and wash them as soon as you can. And don’t forget to clean your gym bag once a week: If it’s machine washable, throw it in with the rest of your workout gear. Or you can carry disinfectant wipes and wipe both the insi burberry bags sale de and outside to kill leftover germs.

3. Drinking From the Water Fountain

According to commercial cleaning business Coverall, a water fountain can have 2.7 million bacteria per square inch on the spigot. That means you’re likely getting a mouthful of foulness when you bend down to drink or fill your water bottle. To avoid contamination, bring your own bottle from home or purchase a disposable one from the gym vending machines.

4. Not Washing Your Face or Hands

Even if you decide to wait until you get home to hop in the shower, failing to clean these two spots directly after a workout could result in unwelcome consequences. Leaving sweat and grime on your face for an extended period of time may trap dirt and oil in your pores and cause acne breakouts.

And don’t even think about touching your face without washing your hands first. “Infrequent hand washing is largely responsible for transferring infectious organisms from one surface to another,” says Foley. Those dumbbells were gripped by lots of other guys with unknown hygiene practices before you used them. Washing your hands will help prevent the spread of germs and viruses that may be lurking on communal machines and equipment.

Those white, fluffy towels stacked neatly by the showers have the appearance of being fresh and clean, but they might be teaming with E. coli or MRSA. Sometimes gyms use the same transport containers for dirty and “clean” towels, which often pass through multiple employees’ hands before landing in the locker room.

Your best bet is to bring two antimicrobial towels from home: one for wiping down sweat while you workout burberry bags sale never use the side burberry bags sale that touches the machinery and the other for drying off post shower.

burberry bags sale Bacteria and Germs in Makeup a

Bacteria and Germs in Makeup and Beauty Products

By Augusta Falletta for Beauty High

You may know that you need to clean your makeup brushes once a week and toss your beauty products once they’re expired, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear when it comes to having bacteria in your products. Bacteria can be sneaky, and once it gets into your makeup, it can cause a slew of problems for your skin like acne, redness and infection.

Using jars instead of tubes: If you’re using lotion that comes in a jar or tub as opposed to a tube, you’re putting bacteria into the product each time you dip in your fingers. The same goes for hair masks, exfoliators and anything that comes in a jar, but bacteria filled lotion going onto your face can cause irritation, acne and redness. Go for a tube version of your favorite lotion, then go one step further to grab product with a cotton swap instead of your fingers.

Mascara pumping: Every time you pump mascara to “get more product on the brush,” you’re drying out the mascara, creating a dry, dark breeding ground for germs. Putting that mascara onto your wand and into your eye, then back and forth again, passes germs from your eye to the tube, where they’ll continue to live. Make su burberry bags sale re you’re only using mascara for no longer than 3 months, and swirl the brush inside instead of pumping it up and down.

Sneezing while applying: It may be innocent, but if you sneeze around your makeup while applying, you’re immediately putting bacteria into any open container. If you feel a sneeze coming on (especially during mascara application, which can entirely ruin all your hard work), walk into another ro burberry bags sale om to avoid sneezing on your products.

Reapplying lipstick after eating: This goes for any lip product, but if you immediately reapply your lipstick after eating food, you’re pressing left over food particles into your lips, and into the product itself. Bacteria can then live on the surface of lipstick, or inside the tube of lip gloss, which will eventually be spread onto your lips in the next application. Make sure you fully wipe off any food on your lips and if possible, brush your teeth, before reapplying lip color.

Sharing your products: This is especially true for eye makeup because your eyes are most susceptible to getting bacteria in them, but if you’re sharing any beauty products with your friends, you’re immediately putting any of their germs into your products and vice vers burberry bags sale a. Even if you’re out with your best friend and she forgot to bring her lip gloss in her clutch, don’t share. It never ends well.

Not cleaning your makeup bag: Even if you clean every product, brush and sponge in your makeup bag, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Your makeup bag needs to be cleaned out, and you should be doing this at least once a month. Either put it in the washing machine with your towels or in the dishwasher (this works really well if the bag is made of canvas) to get any loose, bacteria laden products out of the bottom of the bag.

Double dipping brushes: Yes, there are certain brushes that you should be using for each kind of makeup application, but in reality, many of us are guilty of using one brush for multiple products. If you use one brush to apply powder to your face, then dip it into your blush, you’re transferring any oils from your face into your blush compact, and then redistributing those oils onto your cheeks when burberry bags sale you apply blush. Gross, right? Try using your fingers or separate brushes for each product, and remember to clean your brushes about once a week.