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burberry bags sale Back to school shopping is fir

Back to school shopping is first assignment for students

For example, youngsters entering kindergarten at Bel burberry bags sale lflower Elementary in Mentor are expected to be equipped with multiple items before the first school bell rings.

Among them are seven glue sticks, Crayola markers and crayons, scissors, folders and a notebook.

Grand total? Approximately $40. And that figure jumps considerably for families with two or three school age children, especially those in upper grades where tech gear is mandated.

To keep costs down, Kovach salvages some supplies so the same item need not be purchased multiples times. For example, she’ll pay extra for sturdy book bags that hold up for several years .

Like Kovach, Amy Beskid of Mentor seems to know the ropes of the annual routine. Shopping for three children taught her not to wait until the last minute but to get to stores early “while their bins are full,” she said.

She also purchases items sporadically rather than dedicating one specific day to the supply hunt.

“When it’s not your first rodeo, you know what you’re doing,” she said. “You pick things up along the way.”

Beskid mentioned an alternative option to traditional supply shopping made possible by company and school partnerships.

For example, through Staples SchoolKidz program, all supplies needed by a child are bundled in a single neat package and delivered to schools, ready to be picked up by parents.

The set price may be a bit higher than if products were bought separately, but convenience is a huge advantage, Beskid said.

Also, some companies offer monetary bonuses to schools participating in such programs.

Nowadays, stores seem to be doing t burberry bags sale heir best to make supply shopping easier as well as increase sales.

What some years ago were a few aisles lined with packs of paper and pens have been replaced by large sections of store space dedicated entirely to hundreds of different supplies.

Also, if lists are inadvertently left at home or last minute decisions to shop are made, lists from area schools are available.

Though some parents view the back to school spree as a costly hassle, teachers say the right su burberry bags sale pplies are essential for a successful year.

Kelly Drinkwater has tau burberry bags sale ght first grade for 14 years. Her lists are specific because over the years, she’s learned what products work best.

“I try and go as cheap as I can but sometimes you can’t because they just don’t work the same,” she said. “Parents don’t realize their children are in school for 100 some days and they use these things . (school) is almost like a home away from home and so really what I see is we’re not just asking for this, there’s a purpose to benefit their child.”

burberry bags sale Back to school shopping and th

Back to school shopping and the 3Rs

There nothing quite as depressing for me as doing back to school shopping. While my kids love it and can wait to fill their backpacks with their pencil crayons, duotangs and tissue boxes, I feel like it a death knell for summer.

But I haven figured out a way to get out of doing it yet, so we are headed for the stores to get the things they still need. To their chagrin, many of my kids school supplies from last year are still in good enough shape to be reused, so our list of new things to buy is burberry bags sale n that long.

If you want to take a greener approach to your own back to school shopping, here a Green Life column I wrote for the newspaper last year with some more environmentally friendly ways to get it done. I mentioned a couple of local stores, but you can also find these kinds of products at the Coop La Maison Verte in NDG, at Bureau en Gros stores, and at bookstores like Chapters or Indigo.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Using the step has a bigger impact than you think

It was the moment I had been putting off all summer organizing for the first day of school.

Having to find rulers, notebooks, running shoes and gym clothes during the summer holidays makes it feel like summer is over. While kids seem to like all the preparation, and the shopping that comes with it, many parents I know dread it.

The back to school shopping lists for the two school age children in our house came in the mail at the beginning of August, requesting dozens of items from compasses burberry bags sale and calculators to Kleenexes, liquid paper and many, many notebooks, duo tangs and binders. Oh, and by the way, don spend all your money at the mall, because you still have to pay for agendas and school books that are running at about $40 per kid at my house.

That made me think that this year we are going to focus on economizing and the environment for the first day of school at the Commission scolaire de Montreal next week. found that consumers would spend on average $550 on back to school shopping this year. I don know about you, but I don have $1,100 burning a hole in my wallet right now.

So, here are some ideas for cutting costs and reducing the environmental impact of back to school.

The first thing we did was sort through all the used and unused school supplies that came home at the end of June. We ended up with a plastic bin full of duo tangs, pencils, binders, rulers and pencil cases, as well as unopened boxes of tissues and reusable plastic bags.

A friend of mine does this with her sister, and in August they trade coloured duo tangs and binders to meet the requirements of their four kids school supply lists.

Then we tackled the backpacks. A kid I know has been using the same backpack since kindergarten, and she just graduated from Grade 6. We threw all of ours in the washing machine, checked for holes and declared three of them completely usable for this school year. We did the same thing with pencil cases and were able to cross them off the list. Next, we went through the house collecting pencil crayons, sorted through them and were able to make a collection of 24 for each kid.

Some things you can avoid buying, like the extremely specific lined and unlined notebooks that teachers request every year. With the money you saved by reusing last year supplies, though, hopefully you can afford the (unfortunately) higher priced environmentally friendlier versions of notebooks, lined paper, pens and binders.

I checked out a few local stores to see what was on offer last week and found notebooks made with recycled paper, pens that were made 80 per cent of recycled materials and plastic report covers made of recycled plastic.

There were staple less staplers that h burberry bags sale old sheets of paper together without any metal, Post it notes made from recycled paper, as well as scissors, rulers and erasers made of recycled materials.

The good thing about buying products like these is that it helps to increase the market for recyclables we put in our green bins, like paper, plastic and met burberry bags sale al. You can see that concept at work at places like the Cooperative du Grand Orme in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, where they sell notebooks made from recycled paper by Quebec company Cascades. They also carry pencils made from recycled newspaper, pens made of corn, as well as different kinds and colours of paper.

The other place to look for environmentally friendlier options is the lunch box.

With garbage free lunches being encouraged at many schools, the challenge is to get all that food into reusable containers. Many people invest in plastic containers with easy to remove lids, and reusable drink boxes or water bottles.

This year, we going to do away with plastic sandwich and snack bags.

Montreal based Credo Bags makes small snack size drawstring bags that are not only convenient and reusable, but kids like their style. Something else that is becoming more readily available is reusable sandwich bags that can be tossed in the washing machine when they get dirty. You can order several different kinds from online stores. I been using one made by a company called Reusies, and they have Velcro to keep it closed and are big enough for sandwiches, bagels and wraps. Still with the lunch boxes, disposable napkins and plastic cutlery can easily be replaced with reusable ones. It won necessarily make your kids eat the food you pack for them, but at least it cuts down on what they throw in the garbage.

burberry bags sale Back to school reusable sandwi

Back to school reusable sandwich bags

Well, we have been back to school and other full time fall activities for about a month and I have already gone through two boxes of sandwich bags! Already using tuperware to the hilt, I have been looking for a nice, Earth friendly solution. A friend of mine passed along this sweet idea for a reusable sandwich bag. (Be not afraid! This is a very simple design and can be done by even the most novice of sewers.)

Step 1: Cut two 12 squares of fabric. Then, take a larg burberry bags sale e zip lock bag and cut it open down one side and along the bottom. Open it out and cut a 12″ square burberry bags sale out of burberry bags sale it also.

Step 2: burberry bags sale With the right sides of the fabric facing, and the plastic pinned in between them, sew around three sides of the squares, and along 2/3 of the fourth side. Using that gap, turn the fabric inside out, so that now the plastic is on the outside. Fold the edges of the open seam inwards and sew up the gap. Then sew just inside the seam on all four sides so that it all sits flat.