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burberry handbags Back to school and ice cream i

Back to school and ice cream in a bag

Today was Max’s first day of first grade. I have no idea how that happened. Not in a, “hey, wait, it’s only the beginning of August?” kind of way I know how that happened (he goes to a year round school so his summer is only six weeks long). No. More in a, “how on earth can you be six??! Six! And starting grade school? Where they don’t have snacks in the morning or bathrooms in the rooms?” kind of way. It’s killing me. And although I was more of a mess on his first day of kindergarten last year, I still managed to puddle things up a bit. Okay, a lot.

Now, I should say that I actually like the year round format of our elementary school. It’s very nice to have a few weeks off in the fall and spring, as well as an extra couple of weeks during the holidays. But the end of summer break is hard especially when most of Max’s play friends have another month before their summers end.

So I have some activities lined up for August that will hopefully keep summer alive and well around here. Today’s project (and treat) was making ice cream in a bag. You will need some milk or half and half, sugar, vanilla, ice, two quart sized ziplocs, one gallon sized ziploc, rock salt and any mix ins you’d like unless your kids are straight vanilla types like burberry burberry handbags handbags mine (are you shaking your head in wonder? Because I don’t get how they can love every candy on earth as long as it is NOT in their ice cream). Oh, and mittens or other means to keep little fingers warm.

I scribbled down the instructions for this at the start of summer I think from Family Fun magazine but I’m not 100% sure. We made two batches which was enough to serve four. We must not have used enough ice as the ice cream never set up much past soft serve. I just stuck it in the freezer for a little bit (like 30 min) and it was perfect. But don’t take my word for it. Take the word of a first grader. Sniff.

2. Place the salt and ice in the gallon size bag, then place the sealed smaller bags inside as well. Seal the larger bag. Now shake the bags until the mixture hardens (about 5 minutes). Feel the small bag to determine when it’s done. (ours did not set up firm enough for our liking maybe too little ice? We just popped it into the freezer burberry handbags for 30 min)

3. Take the smaller bags out of the burberry handbags larger one, add mix ins, and eat the ice cream right out of the bag if you like. Serves 1 (though I felt one “serving” was enough for two little ones).

burberry handbags Back to paying my dues once mo

Back to paying my dues once more

In just a few weeks, I going to trade in one of North America dorkiest titles student for its even dorkier sibling. That right, ol Benny going to be a intern.

As part of the fancy book learnin I been engaged in since hitting age 30, I have to do a one month internship in my chosen field of radio broadcasting. While the struggles of late teen and twenty something internships are well documented, I yet to come across a how to guide for old bags of dust like myself who are back to pay their dues once more.

One of the big things for any mature intern to avoid, I would imagine, is SOUNDING like a mature intern around the office. For example burberry ha burberry handbags ndbags , it probably in your best interests to avoid saying any one of these out loud:

Am I crazy or has this whole day been EXACTLY like an episode of Murphy Brown?

Hey! We wearing the same colour of slacks!

Can you BELIEVE the price of gas this morning? And public transit? And movie theatres? And comic books?

You one of the seven to 10 best bosses I ever had!

If we finish this quickly, I can show you guy burberry handbags s how to beat Minesweeper!

You want a venti soy frappaci how do you feel about tea?

You also want to avoid having people think that, at your age, you too good to do trivial tasks. That why it a good idea to have an alarmingly lengthy section on your resume that lists things like disinfecting. negotiation and removal and I talking about a lot of photocopying YOU DON EVEN KNOW once I begun my internship, I be ab burberry handbags le to report back with a few more helpful hints for the seasoned intern. In the meantime, however, I feel pretty confident that I can handle this opportunity in a way.

burberry handbags Back to bussing to schoolP

Back to bussing to school

PICTOU WEST This morning, when your son or daughter is traveling to school by bus, you can be rest assured that precautions and maintenance have been done to ensure they’re safe.

You know it’s back to school time when those iconic yellow school busses roar down the road in the early morning hours.

But the task of keeping the busses well oiled and up to the highest safety standards falls to the staff of the West Pictou Bus Garage, located behind West Pictou Consolidated School.

According to foreman Paul Smith at the bus garage, maintenance and preparations for this school year started on June 1, 2013.

“Everything from the first aid kits and fire extinguishers to the fuel filters and undercarriage are examined and f burberry handbags ixed or upgraded, as needed,” said Smith.

There will be 12 new busses in the fleet this school year, including ten standard busses and two special needs busses.

One of the changes to the schoo burberry handbags l busses for this year includes making the vehicles diesel exhaust fl burberry handbags uid (DEF) compatible. DEF is an ammonia based solution used to clean exhaust and reduce emissions from diesel vehicles.

“DEF chemically reduces smog creating emissions, to near zero,” said Smith.

“Cleaner emission means trucks and buses run cleaner, which also improves their fuel economy.”

Over the past few days, bus drivers in the county descended upon the garage to receive their busses and bus routes, along with any additions or omissions to the list of stops.

Lori MacDonald, a bus driver with ten years of experience at River John Consolidated, West Pictou Consolidated and Pictou Academy, said it could be hard to get back into the routine.

“The hardest part is leaving the summer cottage,” said MacDonald with a laugh. “We all enjoy the summer, but once the routine is underway, it’s great getting the kids to school.”

Overtime, she has watched as students start in elementary school, grow, and then graduate from high school.

“It’s like watching your own kids graduate,” she said. “We’re the first school staff these kids see in the morning and the last they see when school’s done.”

MacDonald said that many of the graduating students feel the same connection with their bus drivers.

“Sometimes we get so many gifts you’d need a burberry handbags dump truck.”

There are a few busses in the garage now, but they are spares and needed only if something happens to the other busses.

“Drivers are briefed on any changes to evacuation plans and insurance coverage,” said Smith. “They’re well trained if anything comes up, such as an accidental spillage of fuel.”