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burberry handbags back into Fair TradeChiche

back into Fair Trade

Chichewa Lesson of the Day: Remember to emphasizethose vowels. Here is a key to help you remember:

Today, I want to discuss and clarify the business function of Africa Bags and talk about what makes the organization truly different from its competitors. It is certainly valid to question or even challenge the authenticity of a non profit organization such as one like Africa Bags. People are curious to know where the money goes and want full transparency of the inner functions and whereabouts of revenue and income earned. For this reason, I believe that an informative disc burberry handbags ussion on the specifics of Africa Bags and its business is certainly justifiable.

501(c)(3): Yes, Africa Bags is a 501(c)(3). What does that mean? I wondered the same thing when I saw those numbers on the Africa Ba burberry handbags gs website. A 501(c) organization is “an American tax exempt, nonprofit corporation or association.” The (3) denotes organizations that qualify as one of the following: religious, educational, chartable, scientific, literary, Testing for Public S burberry handbags afety, or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Anim burberry handbags als.

Real Fair Trade (RFT): The term Fair Trade is a funny term conceived from the Fair Trading Act of 1986. It’s funny because less than 20% of the proceeds from sales are given to the artisans who made the product. Africa Bags decided to really put the “fair” back into Fair Trade. Here is a breakdown of the difference between RFT and regular Fair Trade companies.

The Todd Effect: Todd Pettit certainly has a vision for Africa Bags, and in this vision the people of Malawi are front and center. He sits on a National Fair Trade Cooperation Board and witnesses many decisions made at the expense of the employees and artisans. Todd sticks true to his word and ensures that low overhead costs and returning as much of the proceeds to the people of Malawi as possible, are the organization’s primary objectives. This sort of initiative is exactly what makes Africa Bags a truly genuine organization.

Now that we have cleared up the subtle but crucial differences between corporations, charities, free trade, and so on, you know now that when you buy a product from Africa Bags, the money is going right to the source. It is directly helping the cause, helping the people of Malawi. I think this is the crux of reason why Africa Bags is one of the best and most genuine charitable organizations out there.

burberry handbags Back in the saddle againHe

Back in the saddle again

Hey guys it’s been quite awhile. I got down to about 162 then I had a countless number of stressors thrown my way. Of course, I could have very easily focused harder during those times and still achieved my goal by now but I did not. And that is why I am here; to tel burberry handbags l you all that I finally feel ready! I actually FEEL ready. This is brand new to me actually feeling like I’m ready and mature enough to lose this weight. These 30 lbs. have made me feel bad long enough. I will get rid of them!! I organized a “biggest loser” competition based on percentage of weigh burberry handbags t lost with my friend at work. This has motivated me greatly! I have a gym membership and wii fit at my disposal. not to mention a great jogging/running road and a great pair of shoes. It’s time to do this! Wish me luck (again).

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burberry handbags back in last session after Imr

back in last session after Imran Farhat’s century

He got one to nip back in sharply from outside off to Raza, in the first over after tea, and had him out lbw for 38. That suddenly opened the floodgates for HBL. Sajid, who had only bowled one three over spell in each of th burberry handbags e first two s burberry handbags es burberry handbags sions, brought himself back in the attack and struck in his third over, bowling Aftab Alam for a duck with an inswinger. In his next over, he got the big one: Imran Farhat was struck in front of middle stump, swinging across the line, but he was unlucky as the ball had pitched well outside leg stump.

PIA built on their luck, though. Cheema went on the rampage, bowling wicketkeeper Humayun Farhat with another late inswinger and then startling Danish Kaneria with a short ball that he could only fend to short leg. By the time Kaneria went, HBL were suddenly 242 for 8, only 14 ahead of PIA, when at tea they would have been dreaming of a lead of well over 100. PIA would be slightly disappointed they didn’t finish the job as tail enders Masood and Mohammad Aslam saw off nine overs with the new ball burberry handbags at the end of the day.

Tony Cozier: The new WI captain is an astute tactician, but without any standout players at his disposal, his job remains just as hard as it was for his predecessor