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burberry outlet Automotive AdviceAre you a

Automotive Advice

Are you an antique car enthusiast, a master auto mechanic or just someone in the market for a new vehicle? Then Auto Hub 360 is the place you ought to be. Whether you’re buying a car, renovating a classic car, looking for the latest driver safety studies and car reviews, or you need tips on how to change your oil, then buckle up and let Auto Hub 360 drive you in the right direction.

A vehicle for every driver:Your source for car buying advice

Searching for a new car can be tricky business. There are so many questions to consider. Should you buy or lease? New or u burberry outlet sed? What make, model and year? In Auto 360’s Car Reviews section, you can find all the latest information on the vehicle that you’re considering. Want to know what to bring to the dealership, what to ask a salesperson, or how to haggle over prices? Auto Hub has all the advice you need in Buying and Selling Cars . or a Honda, a mini van or a Mercedes, Auto Hub 360 has got the scoop.

Save money and live greener with hybrid and fuel economy info

With the rising cost of fuel an ever present thought in the minds of many a driver, the gas pump can be as stressful as the dentist’s chair. Luckily, A burberry outlet utos 360’s Fuel Economy section has all the latest intel. Is it really worthy driving down the street to find cheaper gas? Find out here! Want to learn about the advantages of premium versus regular gas? And what about diesel? We’ve got you covered. If you’re considering swapping out that gas guzzler for a Hybrid, then let our Hybrids section navigate you to the right vehicle.

Extra protection with roadside guidance safety first!

The road can be a scary place and there’s nothing more important than your family’s safety when it comes to getting behind the wheel. That’s why in Auto Hub’s Driving and Safety section, we put safety first. If you’re wondering if that Bluetooth is safer than your cellphone, or how safe it burberry outlet is to use map apps on your phone, we’ve got articles exploring all of the latest studies. If you’re looking for the best advice to impart on your new teenage driver, then make Driving and Sa burberry outlet fety your first stop.

Tons of tips on car maintenance and auto repair

Those long commutes don’t just take a toll on you, they can take a toll on your car as well. Whether your vehicle is just in need of a battery jump, a minor tune up or it needs a new transmission, you’ll learn all you need to know at Autos 360’s Auto Repair section. Whether you’re trying to learn how to change your own oil or you need some tips on how to find a reputable mechanic, look no further than Auto Repair. We’ve got sections on Brakes and Tire Repair to Engine Repair and everything in between.

burberry outlet Automobile industry and govern

Automobile industry and government agree on climate change action

WINDSOR A landmark agreement on climate change action was signed by the Government of Canada and the Canadian automobile industry today. Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), automobile manufacturers voluntarily agree to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from new vehicles in Canada so that by 2010, annual emissions reductions will reach 5.3 megatonnes. The MOU signing took place at Auto 21, an automotive engineering facility at the University of Windsor.

The MOU was signed by the Honourable R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources Canada burberry outlet ; Joe Hinrichs, Chair of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (President and CEO, Ford of Canada); Marcus Breitschwerdt, Chair of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada (President and CEO, Mercedes Benz Canada). All major companies of Canada’s automobile industry are part of the MOU.

“This is a good deal for the economy, the environment and consumers. Ultimately, it’s a deal that all Canadians will benefit from as the new technologies needed to reach this target come on the market,” said Minister Efford. “I’m particularly proud that we’ve reached this historic agreement voluntarily, which clearly shows the automobile industry is prepared to do its part to address climate change. I congratulate everyone who helped make this day possible.”

“Canada’s automobile industry has a long history of introducing new technologies that make the vehicles we produce more environmentally friendly and safer,” said Mr. Hinrichs. “As we look to the future, we remain committed to doing our fair share to reduce GHG emissions while contributing to economic growth.”

“We’re very proud that we were able to forge a strong voluntary agreement,” said Mr. Breitschwerdt. The industry will continue work with the Government and fuel providers to ensure that appropriate fuels, including alternate fuels, are available.

“More and more, we see environmental sustainability as one of the fundamentals of economic competitiveness,” said the Honourable Stphane Dion, Minister of the Environment. “This agreement represents a strong commitment on the part of the auto industry to work with the Government of Canada and all Canadians in the pursuit of economic and environmental prosperity.”

“As an Ontarian and a Canadian, I know how much both the province and the country gain from the auto industry,” said the Honourable Joe Volpe, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and regional minister for Ontario. “This is an agreement that will allow our children to continue to enjoy the economic benefits burberry outlet of a strong auto industry and a healthier environment thanks to its culture of innovation.”

“A great many people in my riding of Whitby Oshawa rely on the auto industry for their livelihoods,” said the Honourable Judi Longfield, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour and Housing. “They take great pride in the contribution their industry makes to our economy. Today, they can be equally proud of their contribution to protecting our environment.”

“A strong auto industry is a key part of Canada’s and Ontario’s economy,” said the Honourable David L. Emerson, Minister of Industry. “As they continue to grow, this industry and others will continue to develop the new technologies and processes that are needed to provide high skill, high paying jobs for Canadians and Ontarians and improve our environment.”

A key component of this agreement is the joint government industry monitoring of annual industry performance against projected interim burberry outlet burberry outlet strong>GHG reduction goals to ensure progress.

Today in Windsor, the Government of Canada and the Canadian automobile industry signed a landmark agreement to act on climate change. Under the agreement, carmakers will voluntarily work to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles by 5.3 megatonnes in 2010.

burberry outlet Automatically drawing Euler di

Automatically drawing Euler diagrams with circles

STAPLETON, GEM, Flower, Jean, Rodgers, Peter and HOWSE, JOHN (2012) Automatically drawing Euler diagrams with circles Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 23 (3). ISSN 1045 926X

PDF Submitted Version

Restricted to Registered users onlyAbstractEuler diagrams are used for visualizing categorized data. These categories, together with information about when categories share some datum, can be turned into a succinct diagram description from which an Euler diagram can be generated. Closed curves represent the categories and the relationships between the curves (such as containment) correspond to relationships between the categories (such as subset). A range of automated Euler diagram drawing methods have been propo burberry outlet sed but they often produce diagrams that are aesthetically unpleasing, can be computationally complex and most of them cannot draw a diagram for some (often many) given collections of categories. One such method is capable of drawing aesthetically pleasing Euler dia burberry outlet grams, using o burberry outlet nly circles, and is computationally efficient (being of polynomial time complexity) but it applies to a very restricted subset of collecti burberry outlet ons of categorized data. This paper substantially extends that method so it can always draw an Euler diagram, that is it applies to all collections of categorized data. In particular, we identify a class of diagram descriptions that can be drawn with circles, generalizing previous work. For diagram descriptions outside of this class, we define transformations that can be used to turn them into descriptions inside the ‘drawable with circles’ class. We demonstrate how such transformations can be done in a general, a process during which many choices must be made. Further, we provide strategies for making particular choices which ensure desirable properties, such as curve containment, are preserved.